Monday, August 06, 2007

Yet another new blog to fill your dreary days

Have a look over here for some full-on entertainment.

Gills Elevensies


  1. found it impossible to leave a comment on gill's blog. Has her stay there affected her use of english.Did she mean this is a tea pot. Since there was no tea, coffee or danish pastries, decided it was a tease post.And there are only twosies of them not eleven.

  2. I agree - what is this team member stuff which I also found on the poetry blog - I am a member of the family, certainly that should be enough to be allowed to make comments.

  3. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Yes, well....
    Give a Gran a chance.
    I am awaiting lesson 2 on blogging, lesson 1 was late at night after a hectic day, culminating in an outdoor performance by the Danish National Ballet, in Soro, with pre-performance pic-nic provided by T & B.
    A fantastic weekend!
    Thanks to everyone.

  4. Anonymous10:14 pm

    pic-nic what is this word?
    picnic please let's not let the standards drop please!

  5. Sorry!
    Perhaps it wasn't me.
    Am I always too ready to apologise?
    Perhaps it was.