Friday, August 10, 2007

It's the weekend


Tomorrow I am have my hair cut and that's about it for the plans. We can get on with the painting and enjoy the rain :-(


  1. Anonymous7:59 pm

    I turn to your blog to escape the tedium of diy, not to be reminded of the bare stripped walls in the breakfast room, gloss painting needed everywhere, the whirr of the dehumidifier under the sink beacause the plumber bodged the stoptap and the escaping water seeped under the laminate flooring lifting it,requiring the visit from the emergency plumber to fix it (he comes in three days not three weeks like the normal plumber) and then there's the bags of plaster waiting for the plasterer to plaster over the new electric ducting in the utility room and to skim the bathroom,(he was supposed to come three weeks ago, but has not shown yet). There are days when I think it would have been quicker to demolish this house and build a new one. Compared to watching paint dry, the haircut will probably seem exciting.ajen

  2. Anonymous11:34 pm

    G is having his hair cut too.
    He won't be painting, off to Oulton Park whilst I look for somewhere to have a cup of coffee mid-morning!!!
    Hope the sunshine returns.