Thursday, October 31, 2013


I just heard that MK has picked up our latest half pig, but it isn't really chopped up much (so much for a cheap deal from a farmer)

Sounds like I'm going to spend the evening up to my elbows in pig and plastic bags.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Birthday

Thanks for all the cards and presents.

Apparently J was up very early this morning, but he didn't open any presents until breakfast. He is delighted with all of the presents, but I am happy to say that he seems most excited about the radio controlled car that we got him (and me).

He is having a viking themed party on Friday with the boys from school and then I guess we'll use the weekend building and then probably breaking the Hornet

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Breezy out

I thought he was asking for trouble when I heard someone on the radio yesterday morning declare that Denmark wouldn't have the same problems with the big storm that the UK were having because Denmark is better prepared.

I left the office a little after 15:30. I sat on a train until 17:00 at which point they said it would be 2-3 hours before the trains were running again so I decided to get something to eat and then see a film. So after a picnic and seeing Rush at the Palads cinema, I headed back to the station to find ALL trains cancelled until today.


I ended up staying in the Cabin hotel and I am not at work in the same clothes as yesterday and beginning to smell a bit.

MK has come to Copenhagen today on a course so I have to get home in time to collect the kids. That is still looking a bit challenging so I guess I will leave at lunchtime and hope that I get there in time.

BTW Rush was very good. It is about the rivalry between Niki Lauder and James Hunt in the 70's.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Life without glasses

After a week without glasses, I am getting used to the benefits and drawbacks of no longer wearing any facial furniture.

I had a terrible headache by the end of the day on Monday but since then it has been more or less OK. I am getting used to very slight blurriness on most things, both near and far and simply accepting that as being how I can see at the moment.

It appears to be inevitable that I will need some reading glasses in the future, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, at the moment I am just +0.75 in each eye, but the short shortsightedness is down to -0.5 and -0.25 which is pretty insignificant and explains why I was getting headaches wearing my glasses that were stronger than that.

On the plus side, I can now wear any old sunglasses again without problem

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Today's tie

It certainly got some comments

Monday, October 21, 2013

Model boat

Made from business cards last week


As some of you may have read, we were in England last week for a family break and to visit the other set of in-laws.
We flew over to Manchester on Saturday and after a long wait for the hire car, set off for Shustoke. J spent the morning at school with KP on Monday to see what it is like at an English school. He apparently thought the maths was very easy but didn't say much about the English lesson. We heard from the head teacher that he was very personable and from KP that 2 of the girls and one of the boys really wanted to be friends with him.

Tuesday was a mammoth shopping day for everyone (except me for once). I had an eye test and found that I am not very short sighted any more, but becoming long sighted so I am now trying to live without my glasses again although today is showing me that some reading glasses may well be in my future.

Wednesday we visited the Manchester Childrens hospital for DK to have his feet checked. They are fine (he refused to walk properly insisting that he always walks like a robot) and he runs with nice straight feet. We don't need to go back for another year and he should keep running and jumping and playing as much as possible.

Thursday we had a day off from the car and just relaxed with a walk and I moved some kitchen cupboards around.

Friday was home day and we have spent the weekend relaxing and clearing out the basement to accommodate the new massive freezer. Now we are back at work and school and it's peeing down with rain.

Friday, October 11, 2013

New cardigans

Thanks to Mormor for knitting these for the boys. They look great.

Broken Record

This will just be another post like the last ones. I am too busy to do anything except work at the moment.

I'll try and get better at posting some pictures as life goes by, but the words will have to wait until I have some more time.

Monday, October 07, 2013


Making Waves

I could feel this cold arriving on Thursday evening, a combination of tiredness and stress didn't help me fight it off so it managed to invade my body and fill my head with gunk.

I didn't feel bad on Saturday morning so I took advantage of my last free weekend morning for a couple of weeks to head out for a couple of hours sailing. I was rewarded with sunshine and waves, both of which I have learned to deal with as a sailor during my first season sailing on the sea.

This was planned as my birthday weekend, the kids went to T&B overnight and we had at some point considered an evening in Copenhagen but that got shelved reasonably quickly when we found some beef filet in the freezer and thought about the energy required to get to CPH and back.

MK and I had a wonder around the outlet village to stock up on work clothes for her (along with some orange trousers!) and then I made dinner - sweet potato fries cooked in duck fat and the beef in a green peppercorn, cream and Armagnac sauce followed by a box of chocolates. We also drank one of the very nice bottles of wine that we bought in Provence with it (that was before the cold took away my sense of taste).

Sunday was very productive as we made about 6kg of sausages and cleaned the windows, but to be honest, it's pretty quiet being home without the kids. It's fun for a couple of hours, but we soon get the miss them and it's nice when they come back high as kites on sugar and being spoiled by their grandparents.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Tired Eyes

I can't f'in' see what I'm doing at the moment. I think my prescription is probably only about 5% off, but I am struggling all the time and nothing is ever quite clear. Normally that's not a big issue, but at the moment I am working quite long days and the fatigue is making everything seem worse than it did before.

I think I'm going to end up having to go back to the varifocals and give them another shot. This time, I'm not scrimping on the ones with the limited focal area at the bottom of the lenses though. Oh no, I'm getting the best ones I can get.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Travel Cards

We have a new travel pass system that covers the whole of Denmark.You check in at the start of your journey and check out at the end and it calculates the price.

There have been a lot of problems making it work, but it had apparently been sorted out and as I am now using the train reasonably regularly, I got one.

Having checked my account last night I can see that I have paid 88kr each way to work whereas if I had continued with the old paper 10 trip card I would have been paying 64kr each way. That means that I have been paying 48kr (about £5 or $8) per day for the privilege of using my shiny new card.

I also found out that a 30 day pass for unlimited travel is only 1600kr which would pay for itself in about 9 days compared with the rejsekort.

No more. I'm cancelling it when I get home tonight and getting a monthly card when I am going to be in CPH full time in the future.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A funny day

It's been an odd day today.

The result of which is rather a lot of motivation to partake in somewhat destructive behaviour at other people's expense. That's not normally in my nature, but in this instance, I'll make an exception, after all, I've got the moral higher ground

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


It appears to be getting less and less exciting having a birthday once you reach your late 30s. I had a new mast for my boat a few weeks ago which counts as both Birthday and Christmas presents stretched out into one loooong gift, but I did get a couple of small things this morning. Thanks.

This is a Concept mast but it's pretty similar. Mine is a Wilke and is black all the way up!
However, it's nice to see some of the smaller things happening around me this morning. DK has been singing happy birthday to me non stop since I got home from work yesterday evening and J had made me the worlds smallest birthday card this morning.

This evening I will get to sit on a very small chair and eat my dinner at the nursery whilst we hear about DK's field trip last month.

The biggest surprise of the day came when I opened google this morning and found this