Thursday, October 03, 2013

Travel Cards

We have a new travel pass system that covers the whole of Denmark.You check in at the start of your journey and check out at the end and it calculates the price.

There have been a lot of problems making it work, but it had apparently been sorted out and as I am now using the train reasonably regularly, I got one.

Having checked my account last night I can see that I have paid 88kr each way to work whereas if I had continued with the old paper 10 trip card I would have been paying 64kr each way. That means that I have been paying 48kr (about £5 or $8) per day for the privilege of using my shiny new card.

I also found out that a 30 day pass for unlimited travel is only 1600kr which would pay for itself in about 9 days compared with the rejsekort.

No more. I'm cancelling it when I get home tonight and getting a monthly card when I am going to be in CPH full time in the future.

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