Saturday, March 30, 2013

More snow

During the blogging hiatus, we have had a relaxing couple of days at the beach including quite possibly the coldest paddle of my life and some cold blustery walks on the beach - good for the soul even if it's a little harsh on the skin.

MK and I went to cross fit together as we had the opportunity to use a baby sitter and learned how to do some weight lifting moves properly for our future cross fit shenanigans and then we have really focussed on relaxing and drinking tea.

Today we have been to Copenhagen to get some lunch and supplies at the food market including fantastic cheeses and duck sausages for supper. We also visited the planetarium for a 3D IMAX film about stars and stuff. The conclusion was that we should have chosen the polar bears film instead (DK snored all the way through it).

Finally we checked in at the sailing club to see that my boat was OK. The ice is melting in the harbour, but there is still plenty left.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

Blue and yellow Mohawk!

The colour is temporary, the Mohawk less so.


It's our last work day for a while so there is a good chance that blogging will be thin on the ground for a week or so.

J is having his hair cut later which may be worth a post and I need to fit a new lamp later that should also deserve a snap.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mid March?


I really like dairy stuff and now that we only really have full fat dairy I enjoy it even more. However, I am beginning to notice that the days after I have it, there is an itchy, dry rash on my chest and my hands hurt more than usual.

I think I'll try to cut it out completely for a while and see what happens.



We were promised a snow storm on Tuesday that never materialised, it has, however it has snowed more or less constantly since then so we have a good covering of snow, it's cold and everything is slippery.

Last night we had a parents meeting at DK's nursery. He is apparently doing quite well, his speech is a bit behind but he communicates well with everyone and is apparently a pretty normal nice little boy there.

It's funny really, because he is quite difficult and often rather naughty at home!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Last week was a very busy one for me, but we managed to get the work done on time and the customer is happy.

J and I went to crossfit on Saturday morning. It wasn't the most organised session for the kids and the grown ups session overran a little so he ended up being bored by the end but I think he enjoyed it. We'll try again another time either tomorrow or next Saturday depending on how recovered I feel tomorrow.

The training is designed to be short and intense and it certainly was. We lifted weights, push, pulled squatted and turned over tractor tyres as hard as we could for 20 1 minute intervals. I was shattered by the end of it, but it was fun and I'll be back to try it again. The workouts are different each time so you never know what you'll have to do when you get there, just that it will be short and hard work.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Having read quite a lot about mycotoxins in coffee and food in general a little while ago, I decided to look for some good coffee for my morning cup. (Along with unsalted butter and cocnut oil if you remember.)
Apparently the cleanest coffee should be:
  • Organic
  • Single estate
  • Washed or wet processed
  • Cultivated at high altitude
Finding this information out is not that easy, but I ended up at and bought 4 different types of coffee beans.

They were all fantastic. Clean, fresh and fruity tasting and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Whilst working my way through the enormous bag of Lavazza beans I bought in Italy, I have really noticed the difference. So today I have ordered some more from hasbean and look forward to finishing off the other stuff.

The plan is that the coffee made with butter and coconut oil should make a come back as part of a whole30 program I am planning for April to see if I can do something about the pain I am having in my hands at the moment. Apparently it should be possible to improve things by cutting even more bad stuff out of my diet and then adding things back one at a time to see which (if any of them) are exacerbating the problem.

That's another post though

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Where's spring gone?

It looks like the planned sailing training at Easter will probably not be happening if the weather forecast is to be believed. There will simply be too much ice in the water to go sailing (not to mention that it will be rather cold as well)

Next week will hardly see any positive readings on the thermometer and the following week is only a little better.

I guess we'll just have to make sure that there is plenty of firewood in the garage and we can carry on with eating the cow. Last nights Thai spaghetti Bolognaise made with cocnut milk and rice noodles was a hit with 3/4 of the family. I suppose that means it will not be repeated.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


It's been snowing non stop since we got out of bed this morning and there are now several inches of wet heavy snow outside. I suspect the journey home will be even longer than the journey to work.

A colleague and I have been caught sitting on the floor waiting for someone to finish a conversation with another colleague. I had promised a snap of my new glasses so here it is.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Painting, chopping and football

Another busy weekend for us and anther without sailing. It has been really cold again with a cutting wind blowing across from the east bringing a Siberian chill to the air.

Having given up on painting the dining room in the evenings on the ground of insufficient light, I was committed to giving the walls a coat on Saturday and Sunday mornings. That did the trick and the room is now as white snow. It has brightened and lightened the room no end and I think it was a good idea. Whilst I was paining, MK and DK went to the farm to pick up our freshly butchered quarter cow. we now have enough minced beef for quite a long time.

We went to the summer house on Saturday afternoon to see the local family and so that I could swing my axe around for a bit. It seems to be good training. I managed to split most of the trunks of two big trees that had been felled before my arms and back were done for the day. We went home after a delicious supper and a well earned glass of wine.

Sunday's coat of paint was slower progress and but was rewarded by roast pork for Sunday lunch and then J and I drove to Copenhagen to watch FCK play at the national stadium. Thankfully we were in Sony's corporate suite as it was -5C and waiting 15 minutes for the others to arrive was nearly enough to kill me. How or why anyone would stand outside in such cold to watch a football match is totally beyond my comprehension.

Friday, March 08, 2013

All I want for Christmas...

2 front teeth gone in 24 hours. The first eased out by his knee at gymnastics and the second eaten with a piece of toast this afternoon.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

New Glasses

My new glasses arrived yesterday.

I love them.

They have day glow yellow/green arms which can be swapped for boring grey ones when you need to look a bit more serious.

Today I am "rocking" the boring grey ones to work but I think tomorrow will be a day for the bright ones...

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Monday, March 04, 2013

False Start

Despite spring having been in the air since Friday and the temperature having reached a balmy 5C yesterday, there is still plenty of wintry evidence about.

I delivered my boat to the sailing club on Saturday morning with my test plates and managed to get it into the dingy park despite the gate being locked. (The launching trolley fitted through and I could lift one wheel of the trailer over the gate post)

It seems that my plan of sailing was over optimistic. There were no other sailors to be seen and there was ice thick enough to walk on in the harbour that I was never going to get through.

I sat in the sun for a while just in case some other people showed up and then headed back to Ringsted for the gymnastics display.

Harbours are funny places. Unlike cars in car parks, boat owners are happy to leave boats decomposing for years on end. There is something oddly optimistic about purchasing expensive boats, but it seems that in the end, most of them just end up rotting.

There is promise of 7C on Wednesday so maybe the ice will be gone by next weekend, I suspect the water will still be on the cold side though.