Monday, March 11, 2013

Painting, chopping and football

Another busy weekend for us and anther without sailing. It has been really cold again with a cutting wind blowing across from the east bringing a Siberian chill to the air.

Having given up on painting the dining room in the evenings on the ground of insufficient light, I was committed to giving the walls a coat on Saturday and Sunday mornings. That did the trick and the room is now as white snow. It has brightened and lightened the room no end and I think it was a good idea. Whilst I was paining, MK and DK went to the farm to pick up our freshly butchered quarter cow. we now have enough minced beef for quite a long time.

We went to the summer house on Saturday afternoon to see the local family and so that I could swing my axe around for a bit. It seems to be good training. I managed to split most of the trunks of two big trees that had been felled before my arms and back were done for the day. We went home after a delicious supper and a well earned glass of wine.

Sunday's coat of paint was slower progress and but was rewarded by roast pork for Sunday lunch and then J and I drove to Copenhagen to watch FCK play at the national stadium. Thankfully we were in Sony's corporate suite as it was -5C and waiting 15 minutes for the others to arrive was nearly enough to kill me. How or why anyone would stand outside in such cold to watch a football match is totally beyond my comprehension.

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  1. Anonymous11:42 pm

    You'll be ready for a Granny visit then.