Monday, March 04, 2013

False Start

Despite spring having been in the air since Friday and the temperature having reached a balmy 5C yesterday, there is still plenty of wintry evidence about.

I delivered my boat to the sailing club on Saturday morning with my test plates and managed to get it into the dingy park despite the gate being locked. (The launching trolley fitted through and I could lift one wheel of the trailer over the gate post)

It seems that my plan of sailing was over optimistic. There were no other sailors to be seen and there was ice thick enough to walk on in the harbour that I was never going to get through.

I sat in the sun for a while just in case some other people showed up and then headed back to Ringsted for the gymnastics display.

Harbours are funny places. Unlike cars in car parks, boat owners are happy to leave boats decomposing for years on end. There is something oddly optimistic about purchasing expensive boats, but it seems that in the end, most of them just end up rotting.

There is promise of 7C on Wednesday so maybe the ice will be gone by next weekend, I suspect the water will still be on the cold side though.

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  1. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Be hopes that no-one can lift it out.
    Spring here today.