Saturday, March 30, 2013

More snow

During the blogging hiatus, we have had a relaxing couple of days at the beach including quite possibly the coldest paddle of my life and some cold blustery walks on the beach - good for the soul even if it's a little harsh on the skin.

MK and I went to cross fit together as we had the opportunity to use a baby sitter and learned how to do some weight lifting moves properly for our future cross fit shenanigans and then we have really focussed on relaxing and drinking tea.

Today we have been to Copenhagen to get some lunch and supplies at the food market including fantastic cheeses and duck sausages for supper. We also visited the planetarium for a 3D IMAX film about stars and stuff. The conclusion was that we should have chosen the polar bears film instead (DK snored all the way through it).

Finally we checked in at the sailing club to see that my boat was OK. The ice is melting in the harbour, but there is still plenty left.

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