Friday, March 15, 2013


Having read quite a lot about mycotoxins in coffee and food in general a little while ago, I decided to look for some good coffee for my morning cup. (Along with unsalted butter and cocnut oil if you remember.)
Apparently the cleanest coffee should be:
  • Organic
  • Single estate
  • Washed or wet processed
  • Cultivated at high altitude
Finding this information out is not that easy, but I ended up at and bought 4 different types of coffee beans.

They were all fantastic. Clean, fresh and fruity tasting and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Whilst working my way through the enormous bag of Lavazza beans I bought in Italy, I have really noticed the difference. So today I have ordered some more from hasbean and look forward to finishing off the other stuff.

The plan is that the coffee made with butter and coconut oil should make a come back as part of a whole30 program I am planning for April to see if I can do something about the pain I am having in my hands at the moment. Apparently it should be possible to improve things by cutting even more bad stuff out of my diet and then adding things back one at a time to see which (if any of them) are exacerbating the problem.

That's another post though


  1. Anonymous9:04 am

    Been using them for years! Jabberwooky is my favourite.


  2. Anonymous8:45 am

    Is this a joke?
    Am I about to be detoxed?

  3. No, I think you can escape the cleansing, but you need to bring some warm clothes