Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sleep deprivation

I was awake for a long time last night. There are things whizzing around in my mind that I am having trouble getting to stop whizzing, it has been keeping me awake at night for at least a week and frankly I am tired of it.

To make matters worse we are working in a room that is not really designed to be used for long days at the desks so the chairs and tables don't work well. They look nice, but we are all struggling with neck and shoulder aches so I think I'll hit the ibuprofen at lunchtime.

However, to be more positive, I am looking forward to hitting the spinning bike in the gym tonight to get a reasonable workout. I am enjoying being back on the bike and am looking forward to getting in some more serious training for what I have decided will be my main goal for the year; the Nordic 24

For the cyclists reading (are there any?) here are a couple of extracts from teh BikeSnobNYC blog today that really made me laugh:

Infrequently asked questions:

What is a “century?”

A century is a word people who ride Serottas and Cervelos equipped with mountain bike pedals and compact cranks use to describe what the rest of us just call a long ride. There’s also something called a “metric century.” Riders use the same type of bicycles, but a metric century is shorter and probably involves more camelbaks and helmets with visors on them.

What is a “training ride?”

This is how roadies describe what the rest of us just call a ride. It can be long, short, fast, or slow. It can also be intermittently fast and slow, which is called “intervals.” Roadies call rides “training rides” so people know that they race. In fact, roadies only do two kinds of rides: training rides, and races. Any other type of riding is considered “garbage miles,” or “junk miles.” Garbage miles include any miles ridden offroad, any miles ridden for purposes of commuting or transportation, any miles not ridden in full team kit, and any miles during which the rider has any fun.

What is a “session?”

A session is a word fixed-gear freestylers, freeriders, and BMXers use to describe riding around in circles doing tricks. The term “session” is also used in relation to the Senate, therapy, and band recording. All of these sessions share in common the fact that they are generally self-indulgent, boring to watch, and in the end go nowhere.

If you don't get it, then sorry, you always ask in the comments section.

It seems that everyone has survived their respective dentist visits although it sounds like GCN had the worst of it.

Hopefully I'll get a good sleep tonight after the bomb drops...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today's lunch was a canteen favourite (although not a favourite of BHP) Beksemad pronounced something like bixermell I suppose and rather like corned beef hash made with real meat as apposed to the canned variety (I thin Delia had a good recipe for that)
I must say that this one here looks rather appealing with a nice poached or fried egg sitting on top and a cold beer. I had nothing to drink as there were no glasses left and there were no eggs either, but it really wasn't that bad other than a key missing ingredient.

HP sauce is something that really should be embraced more enthusiastically by the Danes, it make so much of their food better. Frikadelle are scientifically proven to be 87% better with HP sauce on them and biksemad is generally believed to be around 48% improved with a little squirt of the brown stuff.

J has also taken rather a liking to "brown sovs" and in his case it is always sovs because there is always enough of it (another Danish joke I am afraid). It is an argument that we can't be bothered to have so he is getting through about half a bottle per meal at the moment.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I had a rather unpleasant trip to the dentist yesterday. Despite the fact that i was only there for
a check up and there was essentially nothing wrong with my teeth, I had to endure a lot of that awful ultrasonic descaling thing and it appears that my gums were bleeding a fair bit too. Apparently I am unlucky that I get a lot of "tooth stone" as they call it here and the fact that I somehow stopped flossing has not helped at all.

The moral of the story is to floss every day, and that is exactly what I plan to do!

Monday, January 28, 2008


It has been a nice relaxing weekend doing yet more DIY type stuff and thinking about what we are going to do to fit another person in on a permanent basis from July.

In the meantime, I have decided to do something about the dark corner that I created in the new kitchen. Despite the fact that we really don't need more cupboard space, we decided to put one up and cover it in lights to brighten up the corner and act as a collecting point for crap.

There are 2 lights under the cupboard and one inside it so that it glows in the dark. The only problems left to be finally resolved at hiding the wires on the wall a little better and tidying up those inside the cupboard.

The other shelf we put up only serves to suspend crap above the work surface; which when you think about it is as much as one can ever ask of a shelf in a kitchen

Frankly I am quite pleased with my efforts.

At the moment I have an extremely tough decision to make and I just can't seem to make my mind up, unfortunately this has made me somewhat withdrawn and probably difficult to have in the house. Never mind, the deadline for deciding is the end of the week and I am away from Wednesday!

None of this has helped with my dieting over the last 72 hours (I have only had one beer and eaten the chocolates that a nice lady at the bank gave us on Friday).
Weight Watching

I am now entering week 2 of a 5 week training program and have more or less done what I was supposed to having exercised 5 days out of the last 7. I have tried to eat as sensibly as the previous week without using the exercising as an excuse to increase my consumption. I am not sure this has worked too well as I have not lost any weight at all and am still at 107,4kg but I am determined to keep going. I generally give up on things like losing weight at this point, but I am planning on sticking at it this time.

Friday, January 25, 2008

A near miss

In the spirit of finding the silver lining to a cloud, it seems to be a stroke of luck that MK didn't lock the car when she got home last night otherwise we may have been clearing up broken glass and paying for a new window in the car.

Fortunately the little scrote who stole the display from the front of our car radio doesn't seem to have damaged the car in any way by breaking in.

Unfortunately both the aforementioned scrote and we are now in possession of a totally useless half of a car radio that will no doubt be difficult and expensive to acquire the other half of. I guess I'll have to get myself along to the Danish equivalent of Halfords at the weekend to try and find a new radio. Great.

For a limited audience

This made me chuckle. There is a group in Facebook that is called "You know you've been in Denmark too long when..."
It includes things like:
You think it is normal to have jam on bread and cheese
You think it is normal for people to be orange
You wait for the man to go green before crossing the street at 3 in the morning when there is nobody else in sight

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sports Casual

Even though I have not left the house on a bicycle other than to go to the station since October, I am very happy to be back in the saddle and doing some indoor training. If all goes according to plan then I will be out riding with the local bike club in mid February when I have completed my 5 week plan and am not so worried about being dropped after 10km.

Inspired by an email conversation with KHvG (MKs sister) yesterday about her getting into shape I have been wondering what to wear to create the right first impression when I venture out with a new cycling club.

I could follow KHvG's style and go with something like this

Or maybe one of Primal Wear's new creation (can any other company truly claim to make anything as ugly as these guys?)

or perhaps I should splash out a couple of months wages on some Assos gear

Or stick to the Rapha stuff...

On reflection, I think I'll stick with the stuff I already have as long as I can fit in it!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Cars

At some point in the last couple of weeks one of us had the wonderful idea of changing our van for a car

One of the odd things about Denmark is that you can see the price lists for cars on the manufacturers website so it doesn't take long to realise that you are not going to replace the car at all.

We had thought about a VW touran like this one but they seem to start at about £35k so that is out of the window, in fact I don't think we could afford a new one the same as ours at the moment!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Having recently read a very dry history of the Russion Revolution I decided it was time to move onto some classic literature. I actually bought Hemingway and the Russian history at the same time in Borders in Boulder when I was planning on getting a bit of classic American culture.

I have previously read a collection of Hemingway's short stories and been somewhat underwhelmed, but on the assumption that the guy is not idolised by Michael Palin for nothing I decided to give him another shot.

I am about half way through For whom the bell tolls and so far it has been superb. The characters have wonderful depth and the short snappy delivery makes the pace of the book unrelenting and exciting. I have the above edition but when I did a quick google for the cover I found this first edition below which looks much more interesting.

I'll definitely be reading some more Hemingway, perhaps not immediately after this, but I am blown away by this book and for once can see why so called classic literature has earned the title rather than finding the reading dull and slow. (see Dickens for details...)

Back in the saddle

Last week I decided to take affermative action towards getting fit again. I elected to approach the problem in a way that would cause me the least discomfort in the short term by actually doing something concrete whilst at the same time delaying the moment that I would actually have to start working.
Yes you guessed it, I spent some money on the problem! I have re-activated my account at Training Peaks and signed up for the "5 weeks preparation plan for indoor cycling". This plan, despite the name, involves a lot of time in the saddle on the trainer in the basement getting some form back before hitting the roads in 5 weeks from Monday.

I am not sure if I ignored "This plan is meant for an intermediate to advanced cyclist" or decided that I could squeeze myself as snugly into the category as I did into my cycling short, but that is what I have committed myself to for the the coming weeks.

Last night was the first workout in the program and probably the simplest and easiest as it involved nothing more than riding steadily on the trainer for 45 minutes. Well that felt like rather a long time to me despite watching Indiana Jones and the last crusade and by the end I was very happy to get off the saddle again.

Today is somewhat more complicated with lots of intervals and set cadences and things so I will have to write it down before I go searching for somewhere to ride as I am stuck in Aalborg and I don't know where there is a spinning bike that I can use...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Basement Blues

I have spent a lot of time in the basement this weekend clearing out the crap. When the electrician re-wired the kitchen it involved passing cables through the floor into the basement which made quite a lot of mess. Unfortunately I had not prepared for that so the mess got everywhere.

Yesterday I cleared all the mess up, cleaned and threw out a lot of old boxes and things that I seemed to have developed a problem parting with.

I took a car full of stuff to the tip on Saturday and there will be another one or two next weekend.
Today marks the beginning of my 5 week indoor cycling training plan, it starts gently today with 45 minutes of easy riding, but I suspect that even that will be enough for me at the moment.
My weight this morning was 107,2kg with 26% fat. The fat percentage reading is higher than the ones that I was given by the nurse last week, but I only use it as a relative indicator to ease the pain on my ego and to save me feeling like I should lose 25kg instead of the 15kg that I am aiming at. So far I have shed 2,6 kg (approx 6 lb) but there is plenty left to go.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Well the result of the tests were available immediately.

Fat 23% is not great, but I know that and I am doing something about it
Blood Pressure is at the top end of normal as ever, I don't know if it is generally high or it is because I am unable to relax whilst being tested. I have been recommended to take a Magnesium supplement
Blood sugar - normal
Haemoglobin - normal
Triglycerides - bang in the middle of the range hence normal
Cholesterol - above the middle of the normal range, but within acceptable norms.

So I am fairly pleased to know that I am just fat, healthy but fat.

Back in Copenhagen

This is a picture of the beach that our office looks out over, however today is very grey and rainy and not very warm so it is 93% less attractive than this picture.

I have been forced into my office today with the promise of a health check from the company including tests for cholesterol, triglycerides or whatever they are and a whole host of things that are intended to predict the likelihood of my popping my clogs in the near future.
I have never had these tests done before and am curious as to what the results will be.
It is often pointed out to me that my resistance to eating fruit means that I am missing an essential part of "a balanced diet" but I like to think that I east reasonably well. That is however, only what I like to think and not necessarily the truth of the matter. I suspect that I am about to get a nasty shock, but I suppose time will tell.
So far the worst part of this testing has been the 4 hours on only water that I have had to endure before I have the test at 11:00 although the only impact has really been no coffee and and the continuation of the background hunger that I have been trying hard to maintain for the last couple of weeks. I think I am getting used to being a bit peckish which is a good thing as I think I need to lose 15kg (nearly 2½ stone). I think the results will take a while to arrive, but rest assured that I'll publish them when I have them...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Danish names

As there seems to be some interest in these names, I have decided to research a few older Danish names to see if there are any that strike a chord with anyone:

Age, Albin, Ansgar, Arvid, Asbjørn
Bendt, Bertil, Bjarke, Bjarne, Bo, Bjørn
Caj, Cai
Dag, Dagfinn
Ebbe, Edvin, Edvard, Egil, Eilbert, Einar, Eluf, Enok, Erland, Esben
Flemming, Folke, Frej, Fridtjof, Frode
Gregers, Gudbrand, Gunnar
Hagen, Halldor, Halvor, Helge, Henning, Hjalmar
Ib, Ingmar, Ingolf, Ingvar
Jannik, Jarl, Jeppe, Jerrik, Jokum, Jonas, Jørgen, Jørn
Kai, Keld, Klemens
Lasse, Laurits, Lorens, Leif, Lennart
Magnus, Malte, Mogens
Olaf, Ole, Osvald, Ove
Palle, Per, Peder, Preben
Ragnar, Rasmus, Ruben, Rune
Severin, Sigurd, Stian, Stig
Tarben, Thorbjørn, Thorvald, Tore, Torger, Troels, Trygve, Tyge
Uffe, Ulf
Valdemar, Valentin, Verner, Viggo

Abelone, Agnete, Aine, Alvida, Annelie, Ase, Aslaug, Astrid
Beata, Berit, Bine, Bodil, Brita, Britt
Caja, Cille
Dagmar, Ditte, Dorthe
Elin, Edith, Else
Freje, Frida
Gerda, Grethe, Gry, Gudrun, Gunhilda
Hedvig, Hede, Heidi, Henriette, Hjørdis, Hulda
Ida, Ingeborg, Ingegerd
Janne, Jonne, Judit, Jytte
Kaja, Kirsten, Klara
Lærke, Line, Lisbet, Lone, Lovise
Magda, Majken, Maren, Merete, Mette
Nanna, Nora
Pernille, Pia
Ragna, Ragnhild, Rikke, Rita, Runa
Sanna, Signe, Signy, Silje, Sigrun, Stine
Tea, Tekla, Thorborg, Tordis, Trine
Ulla, Ursula
Vanja, Vibeke, Vita

That is a rather long list with some rather odd names many of which sound like medical names for intimatre parts of the human anatomy, but that's what we have to work with on the Danish names front. There are of course others, but the more common names tend to be very common (as in overused, not common as in chav-ish) and as you can see the less common names are in every sense unusual.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


For obvious reasons I ave been contemplating names for children over the last few weeks and have found myself drawn to a few that have a common theme, namely virtues.

I knew a girl at university called Prudence (and maybe one at school as well, but I am not sure if her name was actually Jenny Prue instead...) and there are several others that I like the sound of such as Patience, Chastity, Faith, Hope, Constance and Honor. There is a long list of them here

That got me thinking about 2 things related to this:

Firstly why is it that almost all of these names are considered to be girls names?

Secondly should anyone chose one of these names, should it be a virtue that you admire in others, maybe consider yourself to be lacking or should it simply be chosen based on the how the name sounds?I think it is rather hard to separate the name from the meaning when it is as closely linked as this unlike Peter meaning stone - different word and abstract meaning.

If we give up on the aspirational names maybe we could stay closer to home and go with something like Impatience or Resilience.

In the end it will come down to 2 criteria, does MK like it? and how does it sound in Danish?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weighing in

Thanks for all the comments about the baby, both MK and I seem to think that it will be another boy, but I was wrong last time. We bought lots of neutral coloured clothes last time so we are at least a little prepared for whatever comes out as long as it is healthy.

I had been pretty good with my controlled intake of lard over the last week until Sunday when we ate at MKs grandparents - Farmor and Mormor, then it went a little out of the window with 2 pieces of creamy birthday cake. Monday was not much better with half a bar of Lindt Creme Brulle ending up in my stomach.

However, I am determined to fight on and try to find some time to exercise as well as eat better. I weighed myself on Saturday and was 109 kg (and 26% fat as I recall) so that was a loss of o,8kg for the week but I fear that may have returned in the last 2 days. However, so far you are safe from seeing me in my pants.

Apparently we are to be allowed to use the gym at our clients rather swanky office in Aalborg so I am hoping to get at least a bit of exercise this week although I have my outdoor running stuff with me as well.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The exciting announcement...

Was not that we are having a new bin, but that J will be getting a little brother or sister in July if all goes according to plan.
Of course there are scan pictures, but they are on paper and frankly they all look the same so I decided to post a picture of the first one shortly after arrival.

What do you think, boy or girl? (It's on it's own in there which is a relief.) Perhaps I should have a competition to name it, the best suggestion of a boys name and a girls name will be used as appropriate. Feel free to make suggestions!

On-line Shopping

We hit the virtual high street last night and bought a new bin. We had our hearts set on a Brabantia, but in the end it was just too expensive. We ordered this one from Germany as the new one under the sink had to be emptied too often... We have also booked a trip to East Midlands airport at the beginning of May to visit friends and family. We had originally planned to go later in the month, but that has had to be moved forward...
I am in Viborg today and having left for the airpot at 05:20 this morning I have not been able to weigh myself yet today. I'll post my weight as promised later today.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Words of the year

This is a blatantly copied and pasted post, but I thought it was funny and I am maintaining my overactive posting rate...

The American Dialect Society announced that the word of the year in 2007 was "subprime." Previous winners include the 2006 verb "pluto," which means to devalue something, and the 2005 adjective "truthiness," which refers to what one wants to be true regardless of the facts.
Other important new words that emerged in 2007:

A person with your name who shows up when you google yourself.

wide stance
To be hypocritical or to express two conflicting points of view. This is a reference to Larry Craig, a Republican politician who claimed he wasn't coming on to the undercover cop in the adjacent stall -- he just has a wide stance.

A homosexual. as in:
"Am I crazy, or are you drinking hard raspberry cider and eating a canadian bacon and pineapple pizza?"
"What are you, a toe-tapper?"
"No, I just have a wide stance."

Impersonal email such as alerts, newsletters, and automated reminders that are nearly as annoying as spam but which one has chosen to receive.

- prefix Indicates celebrity, as in celebutard.

connectile dysfunction
Inability to gain or maintain a connection.I should market a product for wireless routers called Linksyalis: If your connection lasts longer than four hours, notify your service provider.

wrap rage
Anger brought on by the frustration of trying to open a factory-sealed purchase.

The tendency of restaurants to serve food in many small portions, similar to tapas.

Someone who espouses a conspiracy theory about the events of 9/11.Call me a truther, but there is something fishy about 9/11. For one thing, there is no way that a President of the United States could ever sit and listen to The Pet Goat being read to a school class for more than five minutes after being told the country was under attack. Harry the Dirty Dog, maybe, but The Pet Goat? No way. That's a crazy conspiracy theory.

global weirding
An increase in severe or unusual environmental activity often attributed to global warming. This includes freakish weather and new animal migration patterns.Seattle now has a winter. We're going to need snowplows in a few years.

Someone who eats food that is grown or produced locally.

A person who eats no meat, uses no animal-derived goods, and who prefers not to have sex with non-vegans.

Nice places to live again

Having spent very few days at home in the last 6 weeks my mind has been wondering about where the best place to live might be. I think about this a lot and perhaps there is some story about a goat, a bridge and some green, green grass that could apply to me given that Copenhagen is places at number 10.
Here is the official list of the best places to live according to Mercer. The analysis is based on an evaluation of 39 quality-of-living criteria for each city including political, social, economic and environmental factors, personal safety and health, education, transport and other public services. What they don't take into account is that most of us are spoilt and take many of these things for granted and just focus on our leisure time without thinking about freedom of speech, the availability of clean water or education standards. Then there is another personal element taking into account the proximity of friends and family and as an expat (as one of us two will always be) the ease of fitting in to society.
What has prompted me to re-post on this subject was MKs answer to me this morning in the car when I mentioned that Oslo sounded like somewhere that would be nice to live. My thoughts are based on the 2 Danish families that I know who have lived there and thought it is a great place to be.
MK said "no way we're not going there, it's expensive, it's cold and grey, it rains and they speak Norwegian"
"So just a language change then... but they do have mountains..."
I have already suggested Geneva ( #2) and Vancouver (#3) but so far I have not been able to find anything to do in Geneva and apparently moving half way around the world on a whim is a bit much at the moment. I suppose that in moments of clarity, even I can see the logic in that statement added to which it apparently does rain a lot in Vancouver.
Next week we have an announcement to make; any guesses?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

News Flash

I've just entered this...

Happy Birthday

I have failed somewhat as a husband today as I am still in Aalborg and will not be home until this evening. This is more of a problem that usual as it is MKs birthday today

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, gorgeous and glamorous wife.

Other than that there is really not much to say since the last entry other than we had some pretty good Danish tapas last night when it eventually came to the table. certainly different from Boulder and surprisingly enough it was considerably more expensive!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

News Flash

For the second time since July 2005 I have just been running. It was somewhat cold and muddy, but there is a path around a park here in Aalborg that is lit at ground level for runners so it was much nicer than running along the roads. I'll try to do this more often as I am going to be here for a while.

Try again

I have somehow repaired the blog and given it another new look ( the 3rd or so in 24 hours), so what do you think?

I have had a turbulent morning with lots of interesting things happening with my project meaning that another months worth of work has appeared for someone to do without more people or time coming with it. I guess I'll manage to sort that out somehow.
Life is getting increasingly interesting without being able to get any cash or use my mastercard where a pin is required. I can pay for lots of things, but not everything and I have almost no cash left. I think I can manage for now, but it would be great if my new card were to arrive this week. At Roskildebank we can order cards with our own photographs on them so I have ordered this one:

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I was trying to be clever and now it looks awful.
I'll have another go at fixing this another time.

New layout

What do you think?

Early Morning

This partly a test to see if I can post to my blog from the train on my phone although I see no reason why it should be a problem...

The first day of restricted calorific intake went reasonably well although I can now see that buying several bars of good chocolate in Monaco was a bad idea.

I took J swimming last night apparently in 'granmad store svompool' He was in a very good mood and was actually fun to be with for a change. He rounded off the evening with a pooh on his potty for the first, an achievement that He was so proud of that he went to extreme efforts to repeat at least twice!

I am off to Aalborg for a couple of nights which is not great and I have to try and entertain several people for a day until my system expert turns up on Wednesday. This may not be too easy.


Monday, January 07, 2008

Back from another world.

Since my previous post, you will not be surprised to hear what I have been doing, but I'll tell you anyway:
On Thursday we flew to Nice and then travelled by bus to Isola 2000, a small ski resort about 1½ hours away. the journey took 3 hours as we needed snow chains and there were French people involved in the process, but this was not too much of a problem really.

Friday was spent skiing in half a metre of beautiful fresh powder snow with a bunch of Swedes and I am very happy to boast that learning to telemark has made my alpine skiing much better and I am now pretty good in deep snow for the first time!

Saturday we went to Monaco, walked around a bit and then sat listening to some Swedes and Norwegians talking, I have no idea what the subject was, but am relieved to hear that plenty of the Danes were at a loss too!

Saturday night was one to remember, we started with dinner and a show sort of thing at the Cafe de Paris next to the casino and then 3 hours in the famous casino watching an obscene amount of money being thrown around by the locals and a more modest amount by my colleagues. I was a model of restraint and common sense and hence came home without spending anything!

A tired Sunday and another night with a small guest in the bed means that we are all a little jaded this morning, but I feel like the new years has arrived and I had better get on with it so here is the important fact for the day...

I weigh 109,8kg and am apparently 28% fat.

That is the first time I have weighed myself in about a year and not good news. I guess I have to do something about it.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year Revolution

Well I doubt that there will be a revolution really, but you never know...

I have just checked to see that I didn't make any big promises at the start of 2007 and am relieved to see that I didn't.

I did complete the 270km bike race in Belgium in April and continued to train at a half reasonable level for the 24 hour mountainbike race in the summer but that had to be cut short after only 3½ hours due to the awful conditions ruining our bikes.

Otherwise I didn't make any brave public promises that I could fail to keep. This year I am not going to learn from that piece of prudence, so here are the unattainable and non-binding goals for 2008:
  1. Having just put on my dinner jacket suit trousers to check that they still fit, I am appalled to reveal that doing them up requires a lot of breathing in and wearing them for the whole evening will be torture. (perhaps this will stop me spending too much time in the Casino in Monte Carlo at the weekend...) So first goal, surprise surprise is to lose some weight. I will post my weight here each Monday morning starting next week and face the ridicule. Anyone else is free to post their weight in the comments section, but please use Kg so that we can compare apples with apples or Mars Bars with Mars Bars... My target weight by the start of the cycling season is 95kg. I have no idea of my current status, but I guess over 105kg. If the figure is higher at the end of any month than it was at the beginning of the month then I will have to post a photograph of myself looking miserable in my underpants (you should hope that this works!)

  2. I planned to spend some time exercising whilst I was off work fitting the kitchen, this didn't happen so I am starting from very unfit and hope to improve from there to a state where I can consider racing my bike again around Easter. To that end I will join the Ringsted Bike club (Team Cycling Ringsted), you never know, I may even make a friend of some sort.

  3. I am going to paint the windows outside the house this year

  4. I am going to take running kit with me when I stay in hotels so that I can run for 45 minutes or so as I used to instead of drinking an extra beer as I have taken to doing recently

  5. I will try to post more blog entries than 2007 (286 I think) so there is not a lot of room for slacking there

Tomorrow morning I am off on a super jolly with my new company, we are skiing in Isola 200 for the day on Friday

and on Saturday night we are in Monte Carlo for a fancy dinner thing and then going to the Casino.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Home again

We are home safe and sound although somewhat tired and glad that we don't have any more long hall flights booked with J in the near future.

I have just looked through the photographs from Boulder and there are not too many good ones that I have not already put up here, but I'll post some anyway.

Here is J having lunch in the Cheesecake Factory

MK and J freezing at Denver Zoo

J considering the the tube whilst MK and "Gran-mad" look at something more interesting

Warming up in the Elephant house

Tomorrow you can look forward to The New Year post. I can't wait.