Thursday, July 31, 2014

Home and Jet lagged

I was up at about 4 this morning having given up on sleeping after 2 hours lying in bed awake. I guess I'll be tired again tonight though.

We had a fantastic holiday in Colorado (mostly) and I'll post some pictures in the coming days when I get them downloaded from the camera.

We spent a few days around Boulder, then headed to Leadville, Durango and finally Moab in Utah on the way home before a final few days in the Front Range again.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Off roading in a rental car?

No, not us, we'd never do that...

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Turns out the the month long flu had morphed into something more nasty. I have infection in my lungs and sinuses. Thankfully the penicillin is helping already :-)

Friday, July 04, 2014

Ninja turtle cake

I have no talent for cake decoration at all!

With broccoli

Coconut milk
Cooked broccoli
2 carrots
Tastes good

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Soothies not to try

This morning's smoothie was not a hit

  • coconut milk
  • 2 carrots
  • cucumber
  • blueberries
  • not so green banana
  • water
  • almonds
  • stevia
It started looking nice and blueberry coloured, but quickly turned brown and tasted primarily of cucumber and carrot. Even MK wasn't impressed.

I'll try again tomorrow and see if I can improve on it...

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Breakfast smoothie

Have a look at the other blog for the ingredients

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Nearly 3 weeks

I can't remember ever having a flu that has lasted this long. I am still coughing and snotting (as MK would put it) and now have block sinuses so I can't hear very well either. I am still taking it easy in the hope that the virus leaves me alone in time for our holiday but I am really missing getting some exercise and I have lost a fair amount of muscle since it hit me.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be up to a bit of a workout, but tonight it's sushi night as J isn't home.