Monday, October 21, 2013


As some of you may have read, we were in England last week for a family break and to visit the other set of in-laws.
We flew over to Manchester on Saturday and after a long wait for the hire car, set off for Shustoke. J spent the morning at school with KP on Monday to see what it is like at an English school. He apparently thought the maths was very easy but didn't say much about the English lesson. We heard from the head teacher that he was very personable and from KP that 2 of the girls and one of the boys really wanted to be friends with him.

Tuesday was a mammoth shopping day for everyone (except me for once). I had an eye test and found that I am not very short sighted any more, but becoming long sighted so I am now trying to live without my glasses again although today is showing me that some reading glasses may well be in my future.

Wednesday we visited the Manchester Childrens hospital for DK to have his feet checked. They are fine (he refused to walk properly insisting that he always walks like a robot) and he runs with nice straight feet. We don't need to go back for another year and he should keep running and jumping and playing as much as possible.

Thursday we had a day off from the car and just relaxed with a walk and I moved some kitchen cupboards around.

Friday was home day and we have spent the weekend relaxing and clearing out the basement to accommodate the new massive freezer. Now we are back at work and school and it's peeing down with rain.

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