Monday, August 27, 2007

Sleeping in

At the weekend we generally try to sleep as long as possible. This means that J comes into our bed when he wakes up and MK tries to get him to go back to sleep. He will often fall asleep again, but usually fiddling with MK's hair and lying on her head.
I took this picture in the dark, the flash was the only light there so I hadn't realised exactly what MK has been going through to get him asleep.
At the other end of the story, I am generally getting kicked by the little angel at this point in proceedings too.
After half an hour, he usually just sits up and starts demanding food in Danish. "mad? mad mad mad?"


  1. Anonymous2:49 am

    I missed this photo for some reason, oh, the memories, glad that part of my life is over but looks so cute when you show it!


  2. You used to wake early & demand food.
    Parents can cope with years of this & still stay normal.