Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ruminations on life

Over the course of the past year or so I have spent too much time trying to decide life's next step should be. I am not someone who seems happy to stick with the status quo for very long before needing a change and I seem to have managed only a few years in a few different circumstances before looking for new challenges or problems whichever you wish to call them. I am starting to feel the need for a change again.

So before setting out for a new patch of greener grass, perhaps it is important to try and define exactly what constitutes green grass and what makes one patch greener than another?
Given that being rich without working is apparently not an option, it seems that some sort of employment is essential for survival, this should include some (but not too much) intellectual challenge, travel and stress. Some financial reward is essential, but all I really need is enough for a reasonable house and standard of living, transport, an adequate pension, at least one really nice bike and some time to ride them.
This is more complicated given our family's geographical situation, we will never be near to all of them so there will always be some compromise on that front. Given that, what makes a place nice to live in? Landscape (ie mountains), food, cost of living, ease of commuting, education, health care, tax and plenty of others.
What has all of this added up to? So far, I don't know, but I am thinking about it. A lot.


  1. I am thinking too - I have been told that I have to.

  2. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Thanks for sharing what many people fear to do. God bless your search for what's best. The answer may be some time in coming but that's great you can be open and have each other.


  3. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Perhaps you need to be a philosopher?

  4. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Leave it to the wife to decide!
    I've eaten too much in order to empty the fridge & am beyond deep thought.