Friday, August 24, 2007

The New Chair

We made a "quick" stop at Ikea last night to get an office chair since the last one died some months ago and it is very uncomfortable working from home on the old crappy chair.

So here it is:

It's called Jerrik and contrary to popular belief, it was not cheap!

We also say some free standing kitchen units that I am afraid the wife was rather taken with...


  1. The wife2:49 pm

    Yes, but can we be bothered to take the old kitchen apart (new floor, new tiling etc.) - probably not, so not too many worries on that front.

  2. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Not only is your kitchen entirely functional, it is in keeping with the age of the house - a period feature. What a good idea to leave it as it is, taking things apart seems a good idea at the time. and I should know, but months waiting for workmen to put them right is no fun. ajen

  3. By that logic, should someone living in a 16th century cottage shit out of the window?

  4. Anonymous9:12 am

    That is entirely your preference as long as it does not offend the neighbours. ajen

  5. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Only if the cottage is in Leeds

  6. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Property prices will be dropping in Leeds in direct ratio to trousers (dropping that is.)

  7. Anonymous4:38 am

    Working on a wrong idea here.
    C16 & no doubt earlier man & woman (but not lady) went into the woods to relieve themselves, hence the old saying "don't s--- in your own backyard", as you would obviously do from a window, unless highly talented, & at odds with your neighbour.
    I agree with ajen, yet again.
    Must be something to do with our frugal upbringing in a C16 cottage!
    1970s man/woman was relatively civilised, from what I remember.
    He would have given his outside privy for a wooden kitchen.