Thursday, August 02, 2007


My motivational issues (as consultants and Americans may call it) actually has nothing to do with my work (which I don't think a robot will be doing for a while yet!). My lack of motivation is relating to exercise, I just can't make myself overcome the crappy excuses that are always available.

Here is a long winded explanation of my excuse:

A typical day involves getting out of bed shortly after 6, washing, eating and getting J out the door to nursery in time to get the train at 8. At the moment there is no way that I am getting up at 5 to train before all of that. The evening is a shared combination of looking after J, cooking and then bathing him and putting him to bed at about 8. We have decided that it is important to eat together so that really means (allowing some time for digestion) that the first time I can get out is after 8, but hang on! Isn't that the first moment of the day when MK and I can actually relax and talk to each other? Yes is it and a I am generally rather lethargic by then too.

So without having read this book, here is what I plan to do. Fit the new stem to my bike that some kind old lady is delivering today, and ride the damned thing every day (if at all possible) either early in the morning or before bed, but no excuses.
I'll let you know how I get on...


  1. Anonymous9:23 am

    When you wondered why old people were boring,you can now appreciate that they were just knackered from the demands of their children. For a bit of everyday excitement you can always read bens blog.

  2. I don't remember thinking that old people were boring, perhaps it's just that I am getting old too and have forgotten.
    Sorry to be boring, but given the lack of comments in the past few days I was beginning to think that I was talking to myself!

  3. Good to see that getting the motivation back does not involve buying another bike.
    What about all the days you work from home, you could just go out at lunch time?
    The Wife

  4. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Or the weekends? Can you take a bike to work on the train and bike at lunch hour?

  5. Lunch is half an hour here and being a consultant doesn't really fit with biking in the lunch break (there are no showers at my current client site either)
    Yes I could bike during the day I suppose, but that requries some effort!

  6. Over the years since I was 50, when I was working and when I wasn't
    I have found that starting the day with an hour of exercise makes me more energetic all day.
    I feel like I have stolen an march on the rest of the world and feel secretly superior.
    Just swap an hour of sleep for an hour of exercise EVERY day.

  7. Anonymous11:15 pm

    I do remember that when I joined a gym about 4 years ago it was W who encouraged me & said that you can always find an excuse for NOT going.
    This "kindly old lady" *(sic)apologises for not commenting this week; she has been busy riding her bike & sleeping it off!
    * I'm not at all unwell, I think that this is what W meant to write.
    Retirees, without toddlers, have a different take on life, I suspect.
    I'll let you know in Sept.
    Self denigration certainly draws the comments!

  8. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Swop an hour of sleep for an hour of exercise, and all this before going to work ! Are you mad ? I can barely keep awake during the working day as it is. The Motivation Paradox - when you have the time to do what you want you don't have the money, and when you,re earning the money to do what you want, you don,t have the time.