Thursday, August 16, 2007

Slowing Down

Continuing from yesterdays self indulgence. I have been thinking increasingly about some form of sustainability in the way that we live (that is our little family, not the world as a whole) .
Our needs are actually not extravagant, other than our expenditure on air fares that eats a lot of our spending, we live in a modest manner. That appears to be sufficient for us, we are not hankering after luxury homes, cars or whatever else is available (except bicycles).
So what do we need? How much is enough and how many material benefits are we willing to sacrifice in order to slow down and enjoy life more?
Not easy to answer...
The decision at the moment seems to be more about a possible but not guaranteed compromise of future income rather than an immediate departure from a life of comfort.
Reconciling this is difficult for me having been brought up in a society that places great importance on job and status, both of which are intrinsically linked to income. Is a down-shift a waste of an opportunity or is it taking an opportunity?

I am much more hesitant to post this than normal, I don't know why...


  1. Anonymous7:05 pm

    It takes courage to stop and reflect on what needs changing. It's hard to go against what society says is the norm. I've known people who found their lifes work and I commend you cause you're going public with your thoughts!


  2. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Nobody should believe that you do not have extravagant tastes!

  3. Anonymous10:26 pm

    ..... but you don't have to pay top price for nice things!


  4. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Yes he does

  5. Only bikes, and I never pay full price for anything!

  6. Anonymous9:12 am

    I saw David Cameron on tv and thought he bore a likeness to you,although he has less charisma, but he does have a bike.As a politician you buy a hovel in the sticks where you get the local yokels to elect you and then you can claim the mortgage on a pad in London on expenses;travel is free as are holidays, which are fact finding tours,you get free postage for as many competitions as you can enter, kathryn becomes your expenses paid researcher and the job, well no-one seems to know what they do, but you cut down on the housekeeping by going to lots of free lunches. Or you could always drop out of the rat race, I can heartily recommend it. ajen

  7. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Only bikes? What about watches?

  8. Anonymous7:18 am

    And coats, and shoes, and bags. Just because things were not full price, it does not mean that they were not expensive!

  9. How you say???
    Sod off!
    Given that I am the one who know what I spend on what, nthen if I say it is not extravagant, then it is not.
    I bought an expensive watch with my bonus last year, but have not bought any since. I bought a used bike this year which is the first in 4 years. I have not paid more than $40 for a pair of shoes in at least 3 years.
    the 42" plasma TV may be an exception though...