Monday, August 06, 2007

Great weekend

We had a really great weekend, to kick things off I managed to get out on my bike on Friday evening for the first time since we were in Boulder.

Saturday was the big day, firstly Mum, J and I went to watch the finish of the Tour of Denmark bike race in Ringsted. (I suspect I was more interested than these guys were!)

Then we went to the big wedding, everything went perfectly and we got to talk to some very nice interesting people, eat cake and drink champagne

In the evening there was another "do" with lots of good food, wine and plenty of speeches. Whilst Mum and J went home to bed.

On Sunday we all went back for brunch and then the 4 of us hit the beach to soak up the sunshine on the first day of good weather for a couple of months.


  1. Anonymous12:23 pm

    J is an intrepid paddler.
    No concern about pebbles, seaweed, marginally cold water or jellyfish.
    We stopped somewhere beautiful, with a marina, for nachos & cordial on the way home & ate traditional fried belly pork, potatoes & parsley sauce for dinner.
    Another c- day for the diet & exercise!

  2. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Everybody looks great - especially Karen, MK and Tina.
    Love the shot of J and G too.
    I was thinking about you all day and hoping the weather was good.

  3. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Weddings in Denmark are a much more glamourous affair than in england.more pictures please. ajen