Wednesday, August 01, 2007


A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of eating at the Chataqua dining hall a couple of times (Lunch and breakfast as I recall) and it is really a lovely place to eat. You sit on the deck and get treated to great views and pretty good food served by slightly weird young guys and less weird girls.

The place has been open since 1890 something and has probably not changes a great deal since then. Here is some evidence that we were there:

It really is a treat to be able to walk around the corner to a place like this and just sit and relax for a while, good honest holiday stuff:

I guess if we go back there at Christmas it will be a totally different story, but perhaps one we should try...
Here we are last August:


  1. we had dinner there last night before a concert. I had red snapper and M had half a roast duck. fairly plain but good food with, as you say, fabulous views and a lot of history. I looked sadly at the playground with no Jeremy in it! Concert was just OK - Neilson, Schubert, and someone I never heard of. Neilson always seems miserable to me except the violin concerto I once heard.
    Maybe it was the Copenhagen weather which inspired him to be so discordantly unhappy.

  2. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Was he related to the murderer whos'e efigy is in Madam Tussauds?
    His unhappiness could be related to guilt,shame or fear.