Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The fool

I believe there is a famous quote about a fool not being someone who makes mistakes, but someone who fails to learn from them. If that is the definition, then I am a fool!

On Saturday I was painting the frame of our newly repaired window, yes the one that broke when the wind caught it and swung it open into the drainpipe.
Apparently a heavy garden chair is not enough to contain the wind under these circumstances, so the three of us heard the smash from the other side of the house. There it was, a chair lying down (in shame I like to think) and a million shards of new, expensive thermo-glass.

Another £200 lesson in being a "¤#%&{£ing &*ØÆÅ%¤&!"

On the other hand we had a productive weekend and we also learned that J can climb right to the top of a ladder but is not so good at getting down.
Here is J in his new Boulder T-shirt reading about Spot at school


  1. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Yes, sounds pretty dumb.
    I bet that you won't do it a third time........

  2. Anonymous5:58 pm

    J is obviously genetically programed to live in a house where there are stairs to climb (or ones he is allowed to climb).I cannot remember any of our family ever living in bungalows, but then again none of them were painters and decorators. ajen