Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Notebook disaster

I normally work with 2 notebook PCs, one is mine the other is the the clients. This morning I managed to knock over a bottle of Coke Zero onto my 2 month old PC.
It doesn't work any more. Damn. I have sat it on the windowsill in the sun hoping it will dry out, but I have a suspicion that it may be a terminal problem.
On the bright side, at least there is no sugar in this Coke Zero stuff!


An hour in the sun on the windowsill and it has dried out and working perfectly. Apparently today the sun is shining on my righteous PC!


  1. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Hey, that's cool it dried out! When you tried to use it after the coke spilled in it did you use an electric hookup, and it never gave you a shock? NIce to hear that solution.


  2. Very nice solution indeed since all our photos for the last couple of years are stored on that piece of plastic (+ bits).
    The wife

  3. Anonymous9:40 pm

    water will not harm modern electronics - just the stuff the water carries in it and leaves behind when it dries.
    So next time rinse it with water and THEN leave it to dry and don't turn it on while wet because that may connect things that shouldnt be connected. WHen we used to make electronics the solderer used to wash the entire, finished, circuit board with water.
    Remember my garage door opener? a full wash cycle and the only thing that happened was that the garage door opened during the washing for no apparent reason.
    Glad it works again
    Whats happened to Ben?

  4. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Very interesting!


  5. Anonymous6:07 am

    I believe that Ben got soaked in pepsi.
    Unfortunately, his was not "zero".
    After a good wash, he is drying out on the patio.
    May the sun shine on the righteous in Bicester!