Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kitchen Warfare

It is decided, I will spend November fitting a new kitchen. Actually I am fitting half a kitchen and renovating half a kitchen and totally redecorating the entire thing. New floors, the lot.
I am somewhat apprehensive about this so if anyone (useful) wants to come and lend a hand for a few days then you are more than welcome!


  1. I suspect that the "usefull" was to dissuade M & AJ from volunteering.
    I could sew you some curtains.
    This is your best offer to date!

  2. Not at all, you are more than welcome.

  3. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Although I am well aquainted with the allen key from putting Ikea stuff together, I have given up activity holidays. ajen

  4. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Gill, you never offered to sew me any curtains and I have been waiting a whole year for mine!

  5. Anonymous3:49 am

    part of the point being that "useful" only has one "l"
    The weapon is? maybe a key to a waste disposal you don't have?
    Allen has six sides Jen
    From a rainy Korea

  6. I only put one l in useful, it was Mum who added one!

  7. Anonymous7:14 am

    I did ponder over the second "l" & decided that it didn't really matter too much.

    Elaine. Please can I make you some curtains i am rubbish at it & hate the job - when I returned to work in1979 I decreed that I would never make curtains again, I may have inadvertently put in the word "my".
    Can Tim help me to choose the fabric & cut them out? (good taste - he chose my pink suede sandals)

    AJ lies. She loves activity holidays - you should see her leap out of bed in the am to make tea & find the Rich Tea biscuits!
    Does the "weapon" harp back to the Alpen murder mystery?