Monday, August 27, 2007

Tidying up

This weekend we have done quite a few things.

I finally bought new speaker cables to connect the speakers that we imported in July. They both look and sound good

We bought (and I built) a free standing kitchen unit and have decided that we like it so much, we are going to follow the theme through the rest of the kitchen (although one side of the room will not be changed)

Before: A breakfast bar we couldn't use

After: More space and more neatness

I have also finished the undercoat on the living room windows so hopefully another good weekend and that will be done...


  1. I am very excited about our new kitchen plans - and this time I don't think we will change our minds...hmmm.
    We have also decided that the leaded glas windows in the dining room are going (we will keep the glass panels though if we decide to have them repared and put back in) - it will be intersting to see how normal glas will change the light in the room and probably all the way through to the kitchen.

  2. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Looks very nice!


  3. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Judging by what I have seen, the kitchen (and the house too) is very small by US standards so we have to be more efficient with our use of space.
    That is probably also why Europeans make better small cars than the Americans!

  4. But where do you eat your breakfast now?

  5. Anonymous8:13 pm

    We liked your breakfast bar, and we liked your leaded windows and the coloured rays of light!

  6. We liked the breakfast bar, but it no long had any use, it was just in the way. As for the leaded windows, we like them a lot too, but there are holes in them as they are falling apart and we can't afford to have them fixed at the moment (£1500!!) so we will take them out and keep them safe until we can find the money and someone to do it cheaper.