Monday, October 08, 2007

Working in the garden

We spent Saturday morning working in the garden, not our own garden the J's nursery. I cut the hedges in the playground and MK and J helped with tidying up and collecting apples. It was a little frustrating that nobody would take charge of the whole organisation thing but in the end I think the result was OK.
Otherwise it was a restful weekend of cleaning windows, a bit of cycling and a nice meal with T&B on Sunday evening.
I will try to think of something interesting to say before the end of the day because this is somewhat like one of the posts on another site I know...


  1. Anonymous8:37 pm

    If you are referring to your mother's blog - "Gill's Elevenses", I would ask that everyone has a look at it & notes how much effort I put in to keep you up to date with my charmed life - no mean feat for for a technophobe who has no reason to compute daily (ie working from home)
    I rarely have any spelling mistakes & spend quite some time finding photos to make it more interesting.
    I forgive you your harsh words.

  2. You can tell I mean your site as I have linked to it! I am impressed that you manage to get that blog working and the spelling is a joy to behold.