Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Refilling the heating AKA The Pseidon Adventure

We have a somewhat temperamental 1960's heating system that occasionally requires attention to let out some air or add some water.

The pressure in the heating system was very low and it has been making a lot of noise since we turned it back on so I knew it was time let out the air and put in some water...

Letting out the old water was no problem, but then I have to connect a hose to the bottom of the boiler and fill it up thus increasing the water pressure to that of the mains (quite high as it happens - approximately 3 bar). Then I have to take off the hose and put on a cap.

Sounds simple?

Well it should be as there is a tap on the boiler to stop the water coming out, but this has apparently not worked for about 30 years.
The answer I found is to leave the tap to the hose on full blast whilst unscrewing the end attached to the boiler as fast as you can and then screw on the cap as fast as you can so that the pressure in the boiler doesn't drop too much.
The result:Getting soaked in cold smelly water.


  1. Anonymous11:56 am

    In my experience, all plumbing jobs involve getting wet.
    I tested the spare room shower last week, it worked perfectly & soaked me, fortunately G was behind me & told me to take the shower head out of the bracket.
    Next time I shall do these two manoeuvres in reverse order.
    How about some family photos?

  2. Anonymous12:58 pm

    How about we have the tap on the boiler fixed?

    L is promptly hired for tiling the kitchen - there is no such thing as free dinners!

  3. I am not paying 5000kr for a new tap to be fitted and I can't do it myself. I'd rather get wet once a year!

  4. Anonymous5:31 pm

    I have been wrapped up in a big writing project and not able to comment but I do read your blogs. A belated H' Birthday and congrat's on your two new jobs, I hope they will prove to be a great challenge and reward. Best of luck with the kitchen, like the flooring. I don't remember how the cabinets/counters look tho.

    Seems like an early winter in LA, with below normal temps & rain 3 x's in a mo, but since we had almost a drought last year it's welcome. I'm still enjoying the Scand (Danish) cooking show over here.


  5. Anonymous6:58 pm

    The last time I took a shower off its bracket - the bracket broke off and I got blamed (by E!)

  6. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Dad is a hooligan when visiting us- The first time he stayed with us, he blasted coffee up the wall using the (now retired) La Pavoni, this time he smashed the shower up!!

    Sounds like you need a boiler engineer- do you know any?

  7. Anonymous9:17 pm

    I know an old boiler!

  8. Anonymous9:35 pm

    W, why don't you package up all the plumbing tasks including the boiler to make the visit worthwhile (the rate must be PH) throw in supply of ALL the parts so that the job is worthwhile from the plumbers point of view but obliges him to suply all the bits that you will neither know are needed nor will easily be able to source. The total bill will be mitigated by all the prep work you will have done and because you will make it easy for the plumber to do his part ie no wasted time - no interruptions just all ready & waiting for his expertise. If they really are so expensive it's the only way. G

  9. Anonymous11:10 pm

    I hope that I am not the "old boiler" referred to!

  10. Posiden phoriasis psorelan

  11. Anonymous9:09 am

    Phwoor !

  12. When the dishwasher was fitted all that needed to be done was put in a spur for the power and connect the pipes and he fitted a new tap in the bathroom. The pipes and tap for the bathroom were already there so the parts were socket and wire and replace the u-bend under the sink with one that could take the dishwasher (old one was cas iron) they charged us £700 for that (remember 25% VAT on everything...)
    As for fitting the flooring, I have one big think in my favour - the flooring will fit neatly under the skirting board when I take off the existing beading which wil help a lot (I hope)

  13. Anonymous4:03 am

    a big think is exactly what I recommended in my tiling seminar!