Sunday, October 21, 2007


We have had a busy weekend putting stuff back in the garden for a change. We were more or less down to the hedge and the lawn so we decided to put something back to replace the hundreds of plants we have removed. After a relatively easy trip to the garden centre we now have 2 different plumb trees - Victoria and Bornholm (the Danish Island) and a Clara Friis pear tree.

We have also begun a small blueberry patch with 2 American and 1 New Zealand blueberry bushes.

The final piƩce de resistance is the Walnut tree that MK is hoping will provide her with bounteous nuts in the future. Also note that J is sporting his new coat and boots.
J also helped us to move the raspberries from under the dining room window the the new "fruit corner" of the garden.


  1. Anonymous11:55 pm

    The garden looks good.
    I note that you & J dress alternately, red/blue.
    Is this a conscious decision?

  2. Anonymous4:46 pm

    In one of the first letters I ever wrote to your mother I said I was "sitting under a plumB tree" - she never forgot it - well not for years anyway!
    The dangers of lead are now well documented.
    Your weekend labors will be amply rewarded in the spring.

  3. Anonymous5:00 pm

    The dangers of lead?

  4. Plumbum - Pb symbol for lead.
    Plumb bob - lump of lead on a string
    Plum tree - no B!
    just thawing out after riding up Flagstaff - no need to carry much water but definitely need to carry warm jacket for coming down!

  5. Anonymous7:56 pm

    I always think of Alison Plumb who I believe was with a B, my mistake on the fruit front

  6. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Well, I didn't pick up on the errant "B".
    My only excuse is that it was late at night at theend of a long, hard day.
    Plumbum used by plumbers - how many times have Itaught that?

  7. Anonymous4:50 am

    But do you remember my letter to you Gill?
    I was boating with David Lush

  8. Anonymous4:51 am

    It is clear that Jeremy is descended from farmers!- he holds the spade like a pro!

  9. karen9:23 am

    On this particular picture of Jeremy in all his Winter padding next to the walnut tree, I see some resemblance to a South Park figure :-)! No offence to him or his parents, he looks adorable - but after having seen him in the kids clothes shop being forced to try different one-piece winter suits (flyverdragter!?), I'm sure he likes shorts and a t-shirt in Summer better! So do I!!! Where did Summer go? Oh yes, there WAS NO Summer!

  10. Anonymous1:19 pm

    WRM I do remember the letter, you were on the lush boat near Evesham, I believe.
    The "Piddle"s spring to mind.

    I think J looks "South Park"
    I've never dared to say it.

  11. Anonymous7:56 pm

    What is "south park"?

  12. Anonymous10:20 pm

    what's a plumbum, plumbob I understand. Bemused.

  13. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Plumbum is latin for lead, hence its symbol, Pb.
    A plumber works with plumbum, lead water pipes - I suppose that he/she should now be called a plasticer/PVCer.