Monday, October 08, 2007

Selling Denmark

It is relatively unusual for me to make some positive comments about Denmark, so I thought it was time to celebrate something.

When I start my new job I will be based next to the beach, about half a mile from Copenhagen. Until a week or so ago this was a pretty awkward place to get to, but then the new Metro line opened!

Now I can take the Metro to the station just around the corner from the office and you can take the line all the way to the airport. We really pay an f'ing ridiculous amount of tax here, but just occasionally (and I mean very very rarely) something happens and you don't feel like a total chump for paying it. This is one of those happy occasions!


  1. Anonymous4:50 pm

    can you take it the other way - to central station and then Ringsted?
    I still don't think you fully realize what you DO get for your taxes!
    I think the only cure for you is some years in exile.

  2. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Ate you selling the whole country or just a railway line ? Are your DVD players the same as in the UK, if so I will bring you a cheap one in November. ajen

  3. Yes you can take it to Norreport, but not the central station. It will be handy for work and it is quick for the airport as there is one every 4 minutes. This is not the only country I have lived in and I think that until you have experienced this tax regime, you can't comprehend it. I know we get a lot, but it stops us doing a lot and prohibits a lot as well.
    We don't need another DVD payer, but any discs are greatfully received!

  4. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Delighted to hear that te danes forward planning allows trains to travel in both directions on the new metro.
    This will prevent a "pile-up of passengers at one end.
    I think that WRM's idea to send you into exile is somewhat harsh.

  5. Anonymous9:47 am

    No more DVD players please. But J would like a Teletubbies DVD for his birthday (I cannot believe I'm writing this, but then maybe I won't have to watch Big Cook Little Cook) and tea bags are always highly appreciated. Very much looking forward to G&J coming, this time we are going to Malmö as we have talked about every time you have been here.