Friday, October 05, 2007


My new ipod arrived yesterday and what a wonderful thing it is! Yeah of course you can listen to music, but to me it is the other things that make the difference. First and foremost I have subscribed to a handful of BBC radio podcasts, these are automatically downloaded to my PC from the BBC website each time they are published (in most cases weekly) and whenever I plug in the ipod, it automatically adds them. With the 4 podcasts I have chosen (Radio 4 and 5 mostly) I will get about 2 hours a week of radio programs for free.

In some of the spare space I have all of the photographs from my PC on there and the next step is to add some movies.

The movies are a bit of a pain though as I have to convert them into another format, but I think it will be fun when I get it going.

A multimedia extravaganza in my pocket!


  1. Anonymous3:54 pm

    a vow of silence?
    Tell me about it!

    (black adder)

  2. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Pleased to hear you have joined the grown-ups! Radio 4 & 5 eh!! Not so long since you would not have admitted to that. The play it again feature on the website is also very useful G

  3. Anonymous9:22 pm

    It all sounds very complicated to me.
    When I'm ironing I do listen to radio 4 - it is very entertaining & only requires .......a radio!
    If no radio, I think.
    Sometimes I compose bad poems.

  4. I've listened to radio 4 for a long time. I have no problem admiting that, the problems would come with admiting to listening to radio 2! I'm not doing that (admiting to it that is!)

  5. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Everyone listens to Radio 2. Join the togs. ajen

  6. I listen to Jonathan Ross, but I can't stand Terry Wogan.

  7. Anonymous8:30 pm

    I am just glad you are all listening to the BBC to keep me in a job when I get back