Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nearing the end of the decisions

We made some of the final design choices for the kitchen at the weekend and have ordered the stuff so please don't be too negative...

We are having this Hansgrohe tap which MK insisted must be in solid stainless steel rather than the normal chrome so that it cost 50% more (I don't mind really!)

And we have ordered a stainless splashback that we can glue to the wall. It will be made the right size and we don't need to make any holes in it so I don't expect any problems with this. Time will tell though...

Last week we got a great bargain on some new utensils to hang on the wall. The ones we had were a wedding present to my parents and the wooden handles were getting a distressed look!

I think we got about 75% off these saving about £150!!


  1. Anonymous9:52 am

    Didn't know Georg Jensen did kitchen utensils. Puts my 50p a time Boden utensils in the shade,which is difficult with their bright red handles. ajen

  2. Anonymous3:38 pm

    That's the same as our kitchen tap.faucet! - that is a soap dispenser on the front isn't it?
    WRM - and you can pull out the outlet hose to clean the sink and fill flower vases.
    It is excellent

  3. Anonymous7:17 pm

    What a nice tap.
    What lovely utensils.
    Your distressed stainless steel with black ash handles were actually bought by me, in Schofields in Leeds(see, I have lived) shortly after we were married, in 1972.
    They were a bargain.
    I think that they had 75% off & cost around five shillings!
    35 years old!
    (I think that they have outlived Schofields)
    They should go back to "Prestige" with a letter of recommendation.

  4. There were no shillings in 1972
    except in your dad's steel box
    your ex

  5. Anonymous10:19 pm

    That's mighty impressive adhesive to hold a utensil rail up. I'll bet it hs some fixing to the steel sheet if not the wall! I hope your walls are flat. I would suggest that any fixings through the steel are drilled before fixing and that you also mark & drill the walls before fixing. 'No more Nails'is pretty effective.
    Grohe stuff is about as good as it gets.Best to use flexible compression connectors when installing much less critical than hard plumbed copper. G.

  6. Anonymous3:32 am

    If the splashback is thin steel - which I expect it will be - be careful how you apply adhesive to it or the wall.
    In California we had a splashback where someone just squiggled some glue on the wall and after a year or so you could actually see the squiggle through the steel.
    "stainless" is a misnoma - the surface actually accentuates marks of every kind.

  7. The utensils are Rosendhal designed by some Japanese guy. The rack will be screwed to the wall, not glued. The splashback will be 1,5mm thick I think and I am very tempted to screw it to the wall, but will wait and see on that one. we know that stainless stell marks, we had a stainless fridge with greasy marks that wouldn't come off, but it seems like the best option to us at the moment. Tiles are complicated to put up and expensive and glass is expensive and doesn't offer many advantages. I have bought flexible pipes for the tap, but have to work out how to connect it all up...
    I plan to blog the progress in minute boring detail. Watch this space!

  8. Anonymous5:30 pm

    You are succeeding, William.
    You can clean stainless steel with baby oil - P was cleaning her new ss kitchen with it last week & it was magic.

  9. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Are you having an austenitic or a martensitic splashback? I suppose that you will be assessing the strength requirements before you decide!

    Any welded areas are likely to corrode due to chromium carbide formation in the heat effected zone- depleating the chromium in the stainless, making the area stronger but less ductile!!


    316 is my guess of what you will get!


  10. Anonymous11:25 pm

    I think that you will get 298!
    There were shillings in1972. That's the ear we went "decimal"