Friday, October 12, 2007

Busy week

This week has been somewhat manic hence the reduced level of blogging activities. I have been handing over my work to someone else which is always a difficult task as you try to justify what you have been doing for the last year or so. I think I will be able to gradually reduce my input over the coming week or so and take it easy though. Which is nice!

The next job, looming on the horizon is the Kitchen or course. We have still not chosen the floor pattern and time is getting short. Most of the vinyl flooring on offer locally are very bland so we are searching for something more exciting and have found these:

The orange and multi-coloured we can get in Denmark, the green we would have to order from Germany although we have a sample and like it.

The problem is, what will our room look like with that wild floor covering?

What can you do if you hate it???

Perhaps we should have a vote, with the fouth option being none of the above!


  1. Anonymous12:46 pm

    The text on top disappears a bit behind the picture, but I know what you mean. We will go and have a look at it tomorrow - and make a decision.

  2. Anonymous7:05 pm

    very retro-we had wallpaper like that in the seventies or maybe the pattern was on the floor, we drank a lot as well. grandad had an orangy carpet like that in the dining room, could have been art heave ho. remember if and when you do ever decide to move - would a buyer like it ? ajen

  3. Anonymous12:20 am

    Sarah Beeny would certainly say "none of the above" as too many people would not like it , if you come to sell.
    Wide market appeal = bland to some extent.
    The dining room didn't have orange carpet here.
    There was "peony" wallpaper in the kitchen, in orange/peach, which aj & I put up - a Sanderson classic.
    Art chinco, I think.
    I purchased the very duffle coat today, even down to the size, along with some pjs & socks.
    Off to bed.

  4. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Do a proper job and fit ceramic tiles! Also avoid those ridiculous designs- you may want to sell the house one day, and blind buyers are fairly rare!


  5. It is a £300 piece of lino, not a permanent fixture, but we have chosen another. I will post it when i have time. As for tiling, it is cold, difficult, expensive and hard so that everything you drop breaks and any small heads that land on it will also get hurt. (That is how i persuaded MK not to have them...)

  6. Anonymous8:13 pm


  7. Anonymous8:17 pm

    There are 4 very relieved adults at Hollylands!
    The one you have chosen isn't more garish, is it?

  8. We have a sample of the green one and it is actually quite subtle in the flesh so to speak. The other two are rather loud and a bit too retro for us. We don't have outragous tastes certainyl not by British standards.