Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Team Cycling Ringsted

I have had good intentions of joining the cycling club in Ringsted for about 2 years now. I first contacted them just before J was born, but somehow his arrival put a stop to that and the idea has just festered since then.

Recently I have had a bit of extra motivation (and a challenge) to get in touch with them so I finally called last night to find out about training with the club. (I will leave out the awkward Danish/English language part.)
"Hello Peter, I'd like to start riding with your club, is it OK if I come and train with you?"
"Sorry, training has finished for the year"
Apparently they will start their spinning sessions at the club house some time in November so I have to keep an eye on the website for details.

In some ways that is a good thing because I have a chance to get a bit of fitness back before starting, but on the other hand it means that I have to overcome the inertia again to get started.

Thankfully T&B bought me 10 trips to the new gym up the road so I will can get some practice in there during October.
Then next spring I can squeeze myself into one of their Jerseys...


  1. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Do they have "spinning sessions" during the closed period in order to produce the cloth to make their jersies?
    I could perhaps take up knitting.
    I have been on t'internet looking for a gym.

  2. What's wrong with the one you were a member of in Tamworth? it must be about the closest as well. Do they have an OAP discount? Tea and digestives for off peak users...

  3. Anonymous9:13 pm

    I fancied Solihull so I could shop as well, but they only seem to have the posh ones - Virgin(wouldn't get in), David Lloyd....
    Do they really have tea & biccies for off peak/over 55s?