Thursday, May 02, 2013

Other people's misfortune

The older you get, the more of life's highs and lows you get to experience, both your own and other peoples.

Sometimes you get to experience the elation or misery yourself and other times all you can do it stand by and watch others go through it either from close range or from afar.

Many people have watched MK and me accompany DK through his operations, trips to hospitals and generally being poked and prodded by many different specialists. But in the end, it is DK who has had to go through it all, we just watched and hoped it would all turn out well in the end.

There are always people we know; friends and loved ones going through something that you wouldn't wish on anyone. Whether it is babies with life long problems to come, relationships ending or simply bones being broken, all you can do is offer your help and then wait.

It's tough to watch, but nowhere near as tough as it is to be the one going through it.

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  1. Anonymous10:04 am

    Been there.
    A brainwash would seem helpful at the time, but not longer term, i guess.