Tuesday, May 21, 2013


DK was ill for most of last week with a cough and a fever. He had more or less recovered by the weekend in time to give it to the rest of us.

DK, MK and I joined the in-laws on a canoe trip to celebrate BHP's birthday on Saturday whilst J was at a birthday party. The sun shone and we had a idyllic jaunt along a local river for a champagne picnic before fighting back up stream to get the car and J.

We then headed out to the summer house for a couple of days of sea air. We were all pretty much under the weather without the usual energy to do much at all. We cooked a big meal and spent a lot of time watching the clouds go by.

Monday was a bank holiday so we managed another long sleep followed by a trip to "GoldFish" to local fish munger who seems to have finally crossed the line to thief. His fish-cakes are very good, but they are very expensive and this year appear to be about half the size that they were last summer. I think we'll try another place next time.

I'm at work today but feeling rather under the weather with the continued cough, cold, bad back and now a bit of a fever on top of it all so I may just have to take the day off tomorrow.


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  2. Anonymous11:48 am

    good word; fish munger a cross between a purveyor of fish and someone who mugs you for your money; although at first I thought with your thief reference, he might have turned his hand to poaching.

  3. Anonymous9:49 am

    All these know alls beat me to it, so I can be a smug, know nothing.
    The fish cakes are exceedingly good though.

  4. I wish it had been a typo, but I'm just ignorant.