Tuesday, May 07, 2013


We have considered a camping holiday for some time, but shied away from it on the grounds of comfort, lack of equipment and destinations with dodgy weather.

This year we are taking the plunge and heading south with the tent in search of good weather and adventure (in that order)

We have booked a camp site in Chamonix for 2 weeks with the proviso that we can always head further south for better weather if necessary or we can just come home if it all goes wrong.

The kids are looking forward to it with great excitement, us with a  little trepidation, but I am sure we'll have fun. In the meantime, we need to figure out what have and what we need to be able to surevive in the Haute Alpes in the summer and how much hiking we can get out of the kids.


  1. Go on to Austria!
    Great campsites there.
    I have a new phone and cant get to my blog.

  2. MK had had several family holidays in Austria with non stop rain so it's out of the question. Plus we love France.
    Maybe next year is Colorado

  3. Anonymous11:43 pm

    How about Brum?
    the sun always shines on the righteous - you'll be fine.

  4. it wasn't good last year, or the year before or the year before that. We really want a good chance of sunshine and heat for once. We'll make it to Brum as well at some point.