Monday, May 13, 2013

Long weekend

Thursday was really good. There was some wind, but not too much most of the time and the sun shone for most of the day as I mentioned below. Other than emphasising how much I have to learn about racing a Finn, it was a pretty positive experience all round and it was a lovely surprise to meet the rest of the family on the slipway.

MK had to work on Friday whilst the kids and I had the day off. We made a new variety of gluten free pancakes for a late breakfast (with rice flour this time) and then walked to the station to take a couple of trains to Holbæk to meet MK and go to the theatre. It was a bit of a long way around to get there, but it meant that we only had one car to come home in and the kids like going on the train. We were seeing Rasmuss Klup på eventyr which was pretty good. DK was wide eyed with amazement throughout having only seen the characters in a cartoon before.

MK delivered the boys to her parents on Saturday for a trip to the summerhouse as we were going to a birthday party in the evening. I did a tough crossfit session (that I can still feel throughout my body today) and we had a short and fruitless shopping trip in the afternoon. The party was fun and we took advantage of Sunday morning at home alone to.... clean and tidy the house.

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  1. You certainly know how to please a woman.