Wednesday, May 08, 2013


I just sold my carbon race wheels that I had been so certain would make me into a racing cyclist. As I should have known (and did know in my heart), it's not the wheels that make the difference, it's the engine. If you don't train enough, you won't be fast enough.

I ran out of time and finally enthusiasm for training, it had become a chore and all of the evidence also seems to point to it not being a particularly healthy for of training either. Considering the amount of time and effort I put into training, I never really looked fit. Vanity I know, but it should be part of the motivation to train that it improves your physique, cycling didn't seem to give a good return on the time spent doing it.

So the result is that I'm not really a cyclist any more. I am trying to be a sailor and perhaps more importantly trying to train like a sailor. Apart from the inevitable consumption of G&T which I am still avoiding, that should involve general strength and conditioning so that there is some cardiovascular work and some strength training. That seems to be something akin to Crossfit and that is the direction that I have headed in.

Bodywork Ringsted opened in January as the first Crossfit type of gym in the area. MK tried it with one of her friends and has enjoyed going once a week and I have also been going a couple of times each week with J coming along more often than not.

It's a mix of bodyweight training (pull ups, push ups etc), running, skipping, box jumps and weight lifting with normal barbells and kettlebells.

I've enjoyed it a lot and took the plunge yesterday by paying for a years membership up front (saving quite a lot over the monthyl membership price). Now I need to carry on getting bigger stronger and fitter.

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  1. Anonymous10:52 pm

    You will keep cycling though as you can do it anytime.
    Glad you're enjoying it as a family - does DK do any cross-training?