Thursday, May 16, 2013


The paleo way of eating should preclude dairy from your diet, I have some trouble with that being somewhat of a lover of all things dairy.

The general advice is that the higher the fat content the better so I am sticking to double cream, Greek yoghurt and cheeses. I try to limit all of them, but without too much success as I eat yoghurt most days and cheese at least a couple of times each week. The other aspect of dairy that is considered important is that the products should be:

  1. Grass fed (for the health of the cows and the quality of the milk) 
  2. Organic (reduced presence of antibiotics and hormones used to increase milk production)
  3. Non homogenised (the fat particles in homogenised milk are so small that they can pass through the gut lining and are not digested correctly)
  4. Full Fat (reduced fat dairy increases insulin response and therefore potential fat storage)
  5. Fermented (the bacteria that cause the fermenting process should be good for gut health)
  6. Raw (this is a tough one as it is tough to get hold of, but the pro-biotics in raw dairy should improve the balance of good bacteria in the gut)

I should try giving it up totally for a month and see how I feel and if there is any improvement in my itchy skin, allergies and or body fat which seems to be pretty stable these days but not quite as low as I want it to be.

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  1. Anonymous5:41 pm

    My gut doesn't like fat though.