Monday, May 27, 2013

kidney stone update

Unfortunately this is not mine - that is still inside me
I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I could have avoided some of Friday night's agony-fest with a more competent use of medication. The pain killers that the doctor prescribed for me is a Dicolon suppository (again - nice) and as it doesn't stop me driving or operating heavy machinery, I had assumed that it wasn't very powerful. I have subsequently found out that it is quite effective but only whilst it hasn't been flushed down the pan.

Around 02:00 on Saturday morning I took one of the opiate based tramadol tablets but I threw that up again fairly quickly so I don't think it had much time to work. Then I rolled around on the sofa for a couple more hours with trips to the loo every 10-15 minutes. I finally decided to try another of the Diclon "treatments" but failed to link the fact that the pain went away with the medication. It was late and I was a bit delirious at that point.

Saturday was OK, Sunday was a bit rough so I let MK take the kids fossil hunting without me (and in the rain) so that I could do some ironing and cook dinner on my own whilst feeling sorry for myself.

Sunday evening was a bit rough again, but after administering another diclon, I was able to sleep well and Monday is proving to be fairly OK. Nothing really hurts too much, but my hands are a bit shaky and I am having trouble concentrating on anything - I guess that is the fault of the drugs.

The blood tests last week showed no problems so now I just have to wait until I get an appointment from the hospital for another scan to see where the stone is and find out what is to be done with it. In the meantime, I am rather disappointed that I have not been able to manage to get to crossfit or out sailing. I am working on the premise that I will get over the kidney stone and chest infection more quickly with rest than risking swimming in cold water or doing max effort weight lifting.

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  1. Anonymous3:41 pm

    our hearts go out to you from Colorado!