Thursday, August 20, 2009

A types and B types

If you look up A type and B type personalities in Wikipedia you will be told that A types are over achieving, driven and aggressive whilst B types are relaxed and easy going. That is the definition that I was aware of before I moved to Denmark where the definition is somewhat different. To a Dane, an A type is someone who wakes up early in the morning and is fresh as a daisy all day until their batteries run out at about 9 in the evening. There are several of these in my family including my brother, Dad and my wife. A B type on the other hand finds it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings but can stay awake all night if the mood takes them. I'm a B (certainly in the second respect and probably in the former too)

However, when I do manage to get myself out of bed and moving in the mornings I always feel great as a result. This is mostly because I am pleased with myself for overcoming the attractive forces of the pillow but also because I generally don't do it without something attractive as a result.

This morning I was out on my bike at 7 in the sunshine and had a wonderful hour or so doing my normal 40km loop before coming home to a pot of tea and the rest of the family getting ready to leave the house empty for me to work from home for the day. I have been busy all day, but it has all seemed great simply because I got out of bed and went for a ride. It's a shame I can't manage to do it every day during the summer, but more often than not, the pillow wins over the saddle.
Weight this morning 96.8kg and it is all still heading in the right direction with my eating. I'm really smug I know.

Here's a picture of MK on the beach a couple of weeks ago to make up for my lack of photographs this week.


  1. Anonymous11:33 pm

    How about your mother?
    J is a B type then?

  2. I don't really know, that's why I refrained from commenting.