Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The thin trousers

Today is something of a watershed day, whilst I have retired a number of pairs of trousers and shorts to the cupboard over the last month as I have grown out of them (meaning they are now too big), today is the first day that I have dug out a pair of trousers that were hitherto too small.

When you find that a pair of trousers is too small it is with some reservation that they are put away for a thinner day and in my case, that happened the summer before J was born. Since then I had just been getting fatter until this spring. That means that it is now about 4 years since these "slacks" saw the light of day. In the wardrobe with them is a pair of grass green cords that I wore the night before I got married and not since and another pair of jeans that I bought in Aix en Provence and have never worn.

I have been trying these three pairs of trousers on for a few weeks now and am fairly confident that I can wear them and breath at the same time which is really cool. There is, however, one problem. I may have liked them when I bought them and I am really smug that I can now wear them again, but unfortunately they all look rather dated, the cords are OK, but only for certain occasions, the chinos are baggy in the wrong places and the jeans are just out of date.

There is one consolation here in that whilst everyone hates having to shop for new clothes because the old ones are too tight, there is a great deal of satisfaction involved in buying new clothes because the old ones are falling off you.

Time for some shopping in England next week I think...

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