Friday, August 14, 2009

Morning rides

I love riding my bike in the mornings, unfortunately I love staying in bed just a little more so I don't often get myself together enough to get out of bed and ride before the rest of the house is up and about.
This morning was an exception, I set my alarm for 06:30 and actually got out of bed before 7. I could see that the sun was shining and knowing that MK is out all day tomorrow and that rain is forecast and given that I will not have time this evening, I got myself together and headed for the basement. I was out on my bike shortly after 7 and had a really nice hour and a bit riding my normal loop in the morning sunshine feeling virtuous simply for being there.
This also helped to make up for having missed the bike club training ride last night.
I got home to a busy house and a hearty breakfast before heading off to work late enough to miss the traffic...
Weight this morning after the ride was 96.0kg so it is still heading in the right direction. I am amazed that I don't really feel like I am dieting anymore because I think I am completely over the sugar withdrawal symptoms and I am also noticing that my clothes are generally getting to be too big for me. I have now moved 2 notches on my belt meaning that my jeans are wrinkled around my waist and most of my T-shirts are a bit on the loose side. There are worse problems to have :-)
Tomorrow I have both kids for more or less the full day and it is forecast to rain so I hope we can survive it together. I was planning a trip to the forest in the bike trailer for a picnic, but I can't see that being a success in the rain...
Finally the new Lizard skins bar tape is really nice - 9/10 because it is too expensive.

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