Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday

I must admit that I had more or less forgotten that my Mum's birthday was actually yesterday. We sent a card and called to wish a happy birthday but it had slipped my mind a little because we were or are not heading over there until today.

MK is packing everything into a large case and bringing the boys to meet me at the office this afternoon so that we can go straight to the airport.

Last night I went out biking with the club again, it turned out that the 60km I did on Monday night was perhaps a little too much and I struggled to keep up on the hills although I did win the sprint for the sign at the end of one of the interval sessions.

I'll be forced to rest for the coming few days and there will be a very big challenge of not eating all the tempting and fattening treats that will no doubt be put in front of me throughout the weekend. I'll just have to buy some small trousers and use that as a motivation although the last time I did that, they sat in the drawer for so long that by the time I was able to wear them, I no longer wanted to...

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  1. Anonymous10:21 am

    All arrived safely & had fish with a very few chips for dinner.
    There are bikes, if not in the wm price bracket, or a run.
    Enforced rest???