Friday, August 07, 2009

Finally got the monkey off my back

At 5 last night I finally made myself go and meet with Team Cycling Ringsted to go for a ride. There were about 10 of us - 4 grown ups (2 racers and another guy built more for comfort than speed who also brought a friend), several young guys and one girl. We headed south to an area that I don't know at all and I was happy that I had little trouble keeping up with the faster of the guys at the front except for the end of a long hilly section that went really fast where 3 of them dropped me and everyone got spread out quite a lot.
I have been trying to make myself go out with those guys for more than 2 years, but have always been scared of getting dropped and or having a nightmare communicating with them. I am not really my normal self in social situations in Denmark, I become very quiet and introverted whereas when I am in an English speaking environment I think I am much more outgoing. I don't really like the me I am in Denmark as much as the "normal" me, but I just don't seem to be able to get over the language barrier that keeps me from behaving like I normally would.

I got home after about 70km feeling rather happy with myself and certain that I'll go again.
The other exciting thing was that I was only 96kg when I weighed myself although I know I was rather dehydrated.
The dining room/living room floor is now finished and looks great. I can't find a camera to take any pictures so that will have to wait, but it is a big improvement.


  1. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Hi, I am glad to hear you have done this. From my own experience of living in Spain all those years ago I know exactly what you mean, but the more you face the fear and get out there, the better the language gets! Glad it all went well. We are looking forward to catching up in a few weeks. Will you be coming to Bicester?


  2. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Well done.
    I have those problems in Denmark as well although I have yet to ride a bike there.