Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The ride that wasn't

Yesterday afternoon I managed to meet up with the guy selling the used SRAM Red chainset that I have been after and it is now MINE. It was an absolute bargain given that it is more or less as new and now I can get back to some more normal intervals between my gears and save the compact cranks for when I really need them.

As MK and the boys were out for the evening and the rack was already on the car, I decided to head up to the forest for an evening of mountainbiking pleasure. It is at least a couple of months since I last rode in the dirt and I was quite excited to get out in the forest whilst it is still dry and summer is hanging around. I was also curious to see how I went given my weight decrease and fitness increase since the last time. I made my way to the start of the trail which is about 15 minute ride from where I left the car and thoroughly enjoyed the first 150 metres or so of riding before I came to the first steep uphill bit. It seemed as though my back wheel slipped in the loose dirt so I put my foot down and then pushed off again. Still more slipping. This seemed rather odd as there was no sound. I got off and on closer inspection found that the pedals were turning, but the back wheel was not. Bummer.
So I battled my way through the mosquitos and forest back to the fire road and walked and rolled back to the car which too about 20 minutes.
The rear hub seems to be completely knackered so I will have to get a new wheel (or 2) but given that they were only £125 including tubes and tyres that cost nearly £50 then I should be happy that they lasted at all and whatever I replace them with will be a weight saving upgrade anyway. I think it will be some of these, but it will have to wait until the next round of eBay auctions end to see if there are enough funds in the kitty.

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