Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cycling Jerseys

I am something of a tart when it comes to cycling jerseys although I don't think I have bought one for quite some time (I am into jackets at the moment, which is an even worse habit). My favourite jersey this year has been my Rapha classic jersey that is probably 4 years old now, but still going strong. Another favourite is my Fat Cyclist jersey that I bought from the US a couple of years ago. The Fat Cyclist himself is a blogger who I have been following for 2 or 3 years and who lost his wife to cancer just a couple of weeks ago. I like his jerseys and I like supporting him and his fund raising for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, but I don't like getting screwed by Danish customs for importing jerseys and paying more than the cost of the jersey, just to get my hands on it.

Obviously I don't really need to buy any cycling jerseys at the moment, I have a few (although I sold several on eBay recently) but I'm thinking of getting one of the following, but can't decide which:

Firstly a new Rapha jersey, now reduced in price by £20 and I really like the colour:

Then there is the new Fat cyclist Jersey that is available to pre-order. If I don't order it by 1st September, I won't get one. They are available as Team Fatty in memory of his wife Susan (the one I have at the moment is pink as well and I like the colour and sentiment)

or in the Fatcyclist.com orange

I expect that the price will end up being similar for either of them given the Danish import costs, the cheaper Fat cyclist jerseys will end up being the more expensive and the Rapha jersey does have the advantage or being made from sportwool which is a really nice fabric and the quality is certainly a bit better that the twinsix jerseys.
Any thoughts?


  1. Anonymous5:05 pm

    I'm sure you would make J immensely happy if you go for the pink one :-)

  2. Anonymous12:34 am

    Wear what you've got & take MK out for a meal on the proceeds - make everyone happy!

  3. Anonymous10:10 am

    Only skinny people in reality can wear a shirt that says FAT CYCLIST.To the uninitiated (i.e. 95% of the population) if it says FAT CYCLIST people will think you are exactly that, a FAT person riding a bike. Although orange says Dutch football, Blackpool and binmen.

  4. You are almost certainly right about the fat cyclist label although I like the idea of looking like a dutch bin-man!