Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I have decided to postpone my return to road racing until the 2010 season seeing as I can't get a cheap 5 race license having had one 2 years ago (you can only get one after a 5 year break) and a full elite license is too expensive to justify for the 3 races that I would be able to enter. The fact that the race I had planned for this weekend has been cancelled has taken the wind out of my sails a little too.
Last night I went for a very nice evening ride in the sunshine. I managed 57km at a reasonable pace with some hard efforts and some cruising, I still managed to average nearly 33kph so I seem to be holding on to the fitness that I earned earlier in the summer.
One of the first steps I had to take to get a racing license was to join the local bike club. I have been trying to build the courage to do this for a couple of years but the double header of fear of being humiliated and dropped on the first ride coupled with the fear of having to deal with everyone in Danish meant that I have always found something else that was more important than going along for a ride. Last night I saw the club out for a training run and am happy to report that it vanquished the first concern for me. There were some fit looking guys, but there were also quite a few stretched jerseys struggling to make it up the incline they were on. I am sure I could have hung with that ride. Now just to get over the language thing...

I forgot to mention in my eBay post that MK got a new pair of shoes out of the eBay windfall making that 3 pairs for her this week! I'll post some pictures when she is back home again.

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  1. Anonymous11:20 pm

    I'm sure that you can keep up.
    Surely you can't cycle & talk at the same time anyway.
    You'll need an extension for the shoes.