Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy as can be

We have been extremely busy this weekend, I have spent most of 2 days finishing off the painting in the living room so all of the woodwork is now gleaming white and there isn't much paint on our newly finished floor.

On Saturday I made pancakes for breakfast before I had my 8am haircut and then amazingly the painter turned up to do the outside of the house whilst I worked on the inside. She worked most of the day and came back to re coat the bits she had done on Sunday. Maybe she'll finish it next weekend...

We took the boys out for a ride in the bike trailer on Saturday afternoon before our barbecue but 25km with the trailer was the only riding that I managed to fit in this weekend. I guess I'll have to make up for it today and tomorrow.

I spent Sunday painting some more and then in the evening we met with K&L at T&Bs for a surprise celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary. They were very surprised to see us and were very happy with the family portrait photograph of us all that we had taken last week.

The final big event has been DK having new drains put in his ears this morning which means being put out with gas and then spending the day recovering and getting used to hearing again although he seems to be in a very good mood again already.

Trying another new layout with the sofa

Freshly painted woodwork
DK checking the cupboards out

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  1. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Forget the extra bedroom, he can live in there & keep his clothes on the top shelf.
    Painting looks good from here.
    Are we getting a copy of the family photo - G has just spent the evening measuring & hanging the photos in the hall, so the timing would be great.