Thursday, June 04, 2009

Seating plans

As I mentioned a day or two ago, I fell off my bike at the weekend. There was minor damage to both my leg and my saddle. The damage to the saddle is a tear that has more or less removed the red part that you can see at the lower edge on this picture and replaced it with a hole.

Last night I decided to try out the saddle from my old bike on the new one to see if it was more comfortable whilst I try to decide whether or not I should replace the torn one that is shown above with something more like this one from the old bike below.

After 1½ hours of riding, I have decided that I prefer the aspide (top) that was already on the bike and it is also noticeably lighter than the arione (below) which just leaves me with the decision of whether or not I should replace the torn one with a new one.
A slight factor in this is that I would really like to have a white one with white bar tape as is apparently "all the rage" as my mother would say.
Weight this morning 202.2kg - going well...
MK has J's nursery class visiting this morning to wreck the house, I hope they are having a good time.


  1. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Fascinating - about the saddles!

  2. We don't all get to have a colonic inspection to write about each month...

  3. Anonymous11:08 pm

    White saddle?
    Sounds a bit risky to me.
    Would youlike me to "craft" a cover for your new saddle - crochet is "all the rage" at the moment, I believe.

  4. Anonymous12:13 am

    not as riskly as gaining 100kg overnight! I'd be bricking myself!!
    Greedy b***ard.

  5. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Is the tear one of yours?
    That's the problem with blubbering!

  6. Anonymous11:58 pm

    How about a beaded cover a la taxi drivers seat? Keep on rolling!