Friday, June 12, 2009

Carbohydrate delight

As my diet is progressing I am beginning to obsess a little too much about food. Yesterday I allowed myself a piece of cake before my 1½ hour simulated climb of Alpe d'Huez in the basement (It was 10C outside and raining cats and dogs as they say in Denmark so there was no way I was going outside). That piece of cake was the motivation that I needed to cycle through the all of Confidence which really isn't that good when you know the twist at the end.

This morning I was 101.6kg so the loss is slowing a little, but still continues. I am confident that I can get down below 100kg before the race and I am aiming for about 98kg.

On Wednesday I took my bike into the shop to get the gears checked out as they were not running as smoothly as I would like since I fell off a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully the nice guy confirmed that it was not in my head and sorted me out with a new derailleur hanger. Perfection has resumed in the shifting department :-)

Whilst in Fabin I picked up the energy gels and bars that I plan on using in France. As I recall from last time, you really need a lot of these things to keep up your blood sugar levels for such a long time so I took advantage of their offers - 14 energy gels and 10 bars. I hope that's enough, but I don't think I could carry much more in my pockets!


  1. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Giving oneself rewards is a good way of dealing with things.

  2. Anonymous4:29 pm

    why not put the cake next to the TV next timew and try cycling fast to get nearer it!

    are you going to carry all those extra bars in the race?

  3. Anonymous11:04 pm

    How big was the piece of cake?