Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day dreaming

I have come to the conclusion that the best reason to use an ipod whilst cycling is that it stops you thinking about other stuff. Last night I continued my musings over the benefits of having a travel bike. This is not one that I would use for things like our upcoming holiday, but one I could easily take on a plane or in a car whenever we travel to visit friends and family for a few days (mostly the UK and US I suppose).

Last year Wiggle had a good offer on a Ritchey Breakaway frame and I wish I had bought it(like the one above, but painted). It is a basic steel frame that splits in 2 and comes in a travel case that is small enough to check as normal luggage. This has two big advantages, firstly it saves about €35 each way in baggage fees and secondly, it is less likely to get damaged seeing as it is in a structurally sound case unlike my soft bike bag.

Adding to the temptation is the fact that I have my old Cannondale road bike sitting more or less unused with a full Dura Ac group set and new-ish wheels, just waiting for something exciting to come along.
Perhaps this will be this years winter project...
Yesterday the nurse can to see MK and DK. DK has grown 3cm since the last visit and is now back on the growth curve that he was on from birth. He hasn't gained any weight, but as he is not particularly skinny and uses a lot of energy crawling around, that is not too worrying and we are happy that is growing again.


  1. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Travelling naked has some disadvantages however!. As the bike will consume your weight and/or baggage allowance what will tge charges be for the xs baggage? Some airlines have special (low) rates for sporting equipment but the free service seems to have disappeared. Golfers may still be lucky.
    Why not just go somewhere where hiring a bike is possible? to plebby perhaps. G

  2. You don't rent bikes do you?
    When you have to buy 4 tickets, there is generally no problem with weight limits or number of bags, but bikes are charged for because of their size and it is pretty tough to do anything about that with a normal bike.
    It's nice to ride your own bike.

  3. Anonymous1:54 am

    No, but then I wouldn't cart one round the globe either!

  4. Anonymous11:56 am

    Take up table tennis!
    You can borrow a bike here & I'm sure that wrm would buy a second/third/fourth for your use if asked.
    Are you looking for a new bike-buying project?